CopyTrans Manager

by CopyTrans

Free Microsoft iTunes alternative

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CopyTrans

Release: CopyTrans Manager

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating4.91186

CopyTrans Manager is a great alternative to your iTunes software on your Apple device.


  • Free Software
  • Works on your PC as well to copy music
  • Become Apple-Freedom
  • Compatible with Apple Music
  • Copy videos and music from PC to Apple devices
  • Minimal install
  • Can edit music as well

What a great and convenient way to get yourself away from everything Apple but still enjoy the products. This lightweight software allows you to easily take the items from your much cheaper PC and copy it to all your mobile apple products! It is limited space and easy to use interface makes this all a breeze. 

It is free and works across platforms without the restrictions of APPLE!

Copy Trans manager is known for its compatibility. Supports all the Apple Mobile products along with Windows 7+. Easily move music, videos, ringtones, podcasts and more to your Apple mobile devises today. Does work require you have a PC? Don't let that limit what you can do today with your apple products. 

This safe and secure CopyTrans program by Microsoft will let you copy it all to your Apple device. No longer are you restricted to your PC or Apple only items? The program is continuously updated, so don't worry about it not working with your most recent apple update. 

Check out some of the reviews and see what other people have to say about this great free program. This is not just another copy program but also a full editor. You can edit the music or videos. You can create your own playlists as well using this simple interface that anyone can follow. Much easier than that of iTunes which can be clunky and difficult to follow. Not to mention if your apple device is outdated it may not even work. 

Do you like to include your own artwork on your podcast? Well, let copy trans update that for you and include your own style and individualism. This is just a great program overall and used by so many. Plus did I mention this is free and after reviewing this I think I will be downloading it myself? Nothing more problematic than going on a road trip and trying 15 different programs to get the videos from my PC to my IPad for my daughter. 

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