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Monitor your system performance features such as the CPU fan

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: CORSAIR

Release: Corsair Link

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Corsair Link is a very powerful tool that is used to monitor the performance of your system's many components.  Corsair Link gives you an immediate snapshot of how well your system's utilities are performing so that you can make adjustments and fine-tune your system to perform better and meet your needs.  This is essential to keeping your system running at its optimum performance level and for your system's longevity.  Corsair Link allows you to monitor your system's CPU fan, electrical system, and temperature all in one place.  Even more, once you know how your system's components are functioning you can easily make adjustments to get your system running at its optimum level.  Corsair Link can be programmed to adjust your system's temperature automatically, so you don't have to worry about your system overheating while you are away doing other things.  It will simply self adjust to whatever settings you have predetermined.  


  • Allows you to monitor your system's components from one central command center
  • Enables you to automatically adjust your system's temperature to a pre-set level
  • Gives you more control in one easy location compared to using the motherboard BIOS
  • Monitors your system's electrical unit to ensure no problems arise there

What's more, Corsair Link is available as a completely free download for Windows.  Keeping your system maintained at proper levels is just as important as regularly servicing a car, and Corsair Link simplifies the process for you so that you can worry less and play more.  Corsair Link brings all your system monitoring tools together in one easy location and simplifies the process so that you can make adjustments and monitor your system's components in just a few easy clicks.  Take control of your computer's wellbeing by downloading Corsair Link and putting the power back in your hands.  Your computer is an investment that you need to protect!

Corsair Link gives you an immediate snapshot of system performance at any given moment.
Chris Vox
The Corsair Link software is my go to for monitoring the performance of my computer. It allows me to see temperature, GPU stats, memory status, and all sorts of other data on how my PC is performing. I can't imagine not using this software to keep myself linked in to the hub and closely monitor my performance.
Simple, but very advanced utility for Corsair line of products. If you have a Corsair setup device, which controls fans, coolers, powers, LEDs, etc, then using Corsair Link you can have instant feedback on the status of your hardware devices. Also, you can control them and change settings. This is a must-have if you own a Corsair LINK hardware
Mason Mangan
Corsair Link is great because it lets you configure and optimize your PC's fans and sensors so that it doesn't overheat and so that the fan noise is at it's minimum. It's compatible with a ton of third party fans and components so that you can keep your PC quiet and cool. Definitely recommend to anyone who cares about their PC's health.
Corsair Link is a pretty incredible piece of software for someone who's obsessed with their computer like me. The software essentially links all hardware components such as the power supply unit and the graphics card and gives precise monitoring and data relating to the software. For instance, the software can show you the temperature of the CPU or the clock speed of the CPU. This is excellent for someone trying to test out new settings and see how well their computer runs during intensive tasks.
This software is very great for controlling the temperature inside the computer. Corsair helps to control case fans' speed and prevent high temperatures that can affect high-speed performances of the computer. The software's interface is very simple and doesn't require a powerful PC to works fine.
Corsair Link for Windows is a tool you can use to adjust your computer at your discretion like case fans, brightness, and other adjustable features
I have multiple Corsair products installed on my Windows system. I was looking for a way to monitor them. Corsair Link for Windows does just that. It monitors the multiple Corsair products for me. It gives me information such as CPU temperature and fan speed. Sometimes I need to know that kind of system information. It's a helpful piece of software.
This software used for monitoring and control of multiple Corsair products. During game playing time system fan speed and system control of various tools.
A Corsair Link is a system software tool which can dynamically monitor our system(PC). For this, we can configure our system to automatic adjust and start cooling down. Also, it can easily control hardware such as fan, cooler, power supply etc. When i was used this software in my system which can be optimize system to be good level and i really feel free to use.
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