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You can now hear other players talking while playing the game

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If you are an "Among Us" fan and would like to listen in on other people talking while they also play the game at the same time as you, then you will most likely enjoy the "CrewLink" Proximity Mod.

The mod is currently available on GitHub free of charge. You just simply download the mod file onto your computer, find the file on your hard drive and click "run". You will then have the option to install the mode onto your computer. Once installed, you then click the "CrewLink" icon to open up the mod, and now you are ready to go.

The next time you open "Among Us" and join any of the available lobbies, you will be able to go into your "Among Us" setting and turn on "Voice Activity" option. You will then see a green circle appear next to your avatar, letting you know that you can now be heard by others who are currently playing and also using the mod. They will be able to listen, hear, and talk to you while playing the game.

In return, you will also be able to listen, hear, and talk to other players. Only those who have also installed and are currently using the "CrewLink" mod will have a green circle next to their avatar. All other players who are not using the mod, will have red circles next to their avatar and you will not be able to listen, hear, or talk to them during the game. Nor will they be able to listen, hear, or talk to you during the game.

The closer the other gamer(s) is to you in proximity, the louder their voice will be to you. The further away they are from you in proximity, the lower their voice(s) will be to you. If a player is killed during the game, you will no longer hear their voice at all, since they are no longer alive in the game.

"CrewLink" is an advanced step in gaming that makes the experience all the more real, while playing in real time.

Listen to other

  • Easy, quick, and free downlad from GitHub
  • Easily recognize who is also using the mod by looking for their green circle next to their avatar
  • Listen, hear, and talk to others who are also playing "Among Us" who are in close proximity to you
  • Listen, hear, and talk to others in real time
  • Closer proximity players will be louder, players further away will be lower
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