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WowUp is one of the most popular add-on software utilities for World of Warcraft.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WowUp

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WowUp is the community centered World of Warcraft addon updater. We attempt to bring the addon community together in an easy to use updater application. We have an ever growing list of supported features.

Automatic addon detection combined with simple easy to use controls allow you to quickly and easily manage your addon collection of any size. Easily switch between all of your World of Warcraft installations organized however you like.

Access to detailed addon information is available at the click of a button. From the full addon detail information, to changelogs for the current version, and even an image gallery where available.

With WowUp you have the ability to search for and discover the addons you want across all major addon providers.It's worth noting that this is still a new project, so you should expect various changes and improvements in the following period. These changes include the option to create a feature list, the option to scan for already installed add-ons, automatic update for add-ons that were scanned, the option to ignore add-ons, and improved search.

The app makes a good effort towards offering you as many configuration options as possible. From the Options section, you can control all of your individual World of Warcraft clients and various app settings.WoWUp seems a very promising product that should appeal to most WoW enthusiasts out there. At the time of the writing, the app only supports Windows, but please note that macOS and Linux versions are expected to come shortly.

WowUp is a great application for installing Add-on for World of Warcraft, keep them up to date, while sporting a simple and easy-to-understand interface, and at the moment it only supports Windows.

  • Organize your addons your way, simple display of the information you need.
  • Search, sort, and find addons from all major addon providers.
  • It gives support for category based browsing where available.
  • Easily switch between all of your World of Warcraft installations organized however you like.
  • Discover the addons you want across all major addon providers.
If you play World of Warcraft, this add on is definitely for you! It is very good at helping you manage your addons for World of Warcraft. There are a few pages, too, it allows you to see when you first installed the add on and when the add on was last updated. This is really good because you don't have to update the add on yourself or reinstall, you can go through this to update or reinstall your addons!
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