CUE Splitter

by Medieval Software

A freeware designed to break up a single large audio file into individual tracks

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Medieval Software

Release: CUE Splitter 1.2

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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CUE Splitter is freeware designed to take a large audio file, and break it up into smaller individual tracks based on information contained in a "CUE Sheet" file. The CUE file often comes with such tracks and has information about internal track's title, artist, duration, and more.


  • Support for MP3, WAVE, FLAC and APE audio files
  • Support for ID3v1, ID3v2, APE, Lyrics3, RIFF and Vorbis comment tags
  • Contains user-defined "file mask" engine which can generate output files
  • Ability to save tags information
  • Finds errors and detailed information in audio files
  • Dark and light theme
  • Freeware

CUE Splitter is a powerful and effective tool for splitting up your large audio files based on a provided "CUE" file. With CUE Splitter you can find more details about the internal components of an audio file.

CUE Splitter is entirely free

Cue Splitter performs its magic without the need to encode or re-encode your audio file! This saves large amounts of time and preserves the integrity of the associated file. Output files are automatically named based on user-defined rules enabling more automated work and splitting to be performed.

Cue Splitter has an extremely user-friendly interface with tabs dedicated to splitting the file, information about a file's audio, and tags associated with a file. There is also a handy setting and help function. Cue splitter's interface is highly compatible with the new Windows 10 tiles design and has both a light and a dark theme which can be adjusted based on user preference.

Cue Splitter has a "file masks management" function which is highly versatile, using user-inputted variables to define the specific mask you want to associate with a file. The name and preview of a track can be viewed in this section and masks can be applied. From this same tab, you can split the audio track and include options like "pregap audio" and generate file names based on the specified file masks.

- Available on hololens, PC, and mobile device

Abby Salonga
I really like that this application is free for the users like me. It helps me to store my large files breaks it into smaller ones. Now it is possible that I could send over an e-mail a very large audio file that this application helps me to break into smaller one. I don't need to ask a client to open up a google drive for me.
sam daw
CUE Splitter is entirely free
I love that this software is free! Now, instead of having to rely on Google Drive all the time, I can send large files over email. This makes the whole process a lot quicker and easier. No more waiting to download things onto google and then emailing them!
Lana Nguen
CUE Splitter is a totally free software tool that can help with breaking up audio files, especially big ones. With the use of the "CUE sheet" file, individual tracks can be extracted without any actual decoding or re-coding of the audio data. What's even more convenient is that the output files are automatically named with their tags information derived from the "CUE sheet". Published by Medieval Software, this handy tool now offers both Dark and Light themes with the Chinese language integrated. It works well not only on desktop but mobile devices as well. It can even embed specific CUE Sheet items into the FLAC audio files! The user-interface is highly responsive and compatible with different devices. As a freeware, CUE Splitter has been experienced by a lot of customers. And sometimes, the tool seems to not work for someone or with a few specific Windows systems and cannot split the files as expected. Nevertheless, there are advantages that far outweigh some technical bad experiences: - Ability to group a series of CUE Sheet files in just a moment - No more Google Drive links for sending and receiving large audio files - The fact that it is entirely Free - No lengthy handling of big files and risk playing with computer viruses - A simple application that is easy to install and work with - Support various audio tags, including Vorbis and APE - Accurate processing of VBR MP3 files - You can pick up only the tracks you want to extract and leave the rest untouched. - User-friendly interface with options like font type or color - Multiple languages supported - And many other technical aspects Meanwhile, there are some drawbacks of CUE Splitter that you should take notice as well: - Sometimes not totally compatible with the Windows system, leading to some audio files or tags not supported - The user interface is a bit sterile. - Not every audio format is supported by default. - It uses a rare format of the CUE file.
Scott Delatorre
This is not really my standard of program, I would not download it or anything. There are tones of other Cue splitters that are better, more fun, easier to use, and cooler than this in my opinion. Now if you absolutely need one and you don't have a lot of available resources, sure, you can give this one a try. It does not speak to me, yet, given the software serves a function and works I will not rate it less than a 3/5.
CUE Splitter for Windows makes splitting my audio files seemless. It organizes each part of the file into my chosen labels automatically. This is an audio engineers best friend! Works with Windows 10 version 10586.0 or higher, so unfortunately, if you have anything less than that, it won't work. Definitely worth a shot and couldn't hurt for free!
It is very good app. It has different themes as per user facility. It also supports audio files and scan audio files.
This medieval software incredibly allows me to split a single big audio file, often an album or a compilation, into a relative independent audio tracks. This can be achieved using the information stored in its associated. The CUE splitter helps me decode or re-encode any audio information from my computer hence making my music listening incredible.
I get full albums of music all the time that I want to split up into smaller files. I found the software Cue Splitter for Windows that does just that for me. It splits up my albums into individual songs. That's cool. I can listen to the individual songs on my phone. They are listed as cue files that are saved in cue sheets. It's all free too. Just fantastic.
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