Kristal Audio Engine


A powerful mixer, audio sequencer, and up to a 16 track recorder.

Operating system: Windows


Release: Kristal Audio Engine 1.0.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Kristal Audio Engine was designed as a modular system with a main application providing a mixing console. It loads live audio inputs as separate Plug-Ins. It supports ASIO audio driver. With its 32-bit floating point audio engine, it can handle sample rates of 44 - 192 kHz with 16, 24, or 32-bit word sizes. It supports lots of formats: AIFF, Wave, Flac, Ogg Vorbis. It also comes with a 3 band parametric EQ section. Loads any type of audio file. 


  • simultaneously record single or multiple tracks
  • VST Plug-In support: additional instruments and studio effects
  • use the beat designer to start a sample pattern
  • create your own beats, mix to MP3, burn to CD, or upload your productions
  • very low latency
  • add audio effects like reverb, compression, and more
  • upload to Google Drive, SoundCloud, or Dropbox

It has more supported formats than any other audio mixer. With this mixer, you can mix unlimited numbers of voice tracks, music, audio, and sounds. It includes a royalty-free music and sound effect library with a plethora of clips to use in your own productions. It's designed for anyone who wants to master digital audio.

This modular mixing console provides for live audio input with an audio sequencer.

Kristal requires a modern, fast PC (at least 1GHz machine).

Works with all Windows versions.

It's a safe and free download.

Mel Flowers
The Kristal Audio Engine amazes me! As a working musician, this really helps get things done. The system is an all in one program that allows the user to create new beats, record single or multiple tracks, burn CDs. The best thing about the system is that it can allow you to upload to google drive, soundcloud, and dropbox so the music can be taken wherever you go.
This program makes the audio sound super clear when it is mixed within the system. The built in mixing console is perfect and extremely easy to use, even someone who is not very smart like me was able to figure it out. I would recommend this to anyone!
Kristal Audio Engine is a program designed to make mixing audio tracks and management of audio a breeze. The user is able to record, edit, mix with ease, as well as an unprecedented amount of supported formats makes this program accessible practically to any skill-level user. Kristal Audio Engine supports exporting to MP3, as well as low latency and sample rate and bit depth support and export features. All of these are offered entirely free for use, right out of the box, so if you’re looking for an audio alternative, Kristal Audio Engine just might be the program for you.
The Software is about the recording sound, The name of the software is Mix Pad Multi-track Recording Software, The software enagaged with multiple options like audio, music, sounds, and voice tracks. We can able to record a single voice or multiple voices at a same time. And it accept different audio files. And a important feature is it has a music library which is very useful to create a music album easily. We can save the audio in any format and also can easily upload in cloud and other drives.
Kristal Audio Engine for Windows is a software that acts as a workstation for personal or educational purposes, it can also be used for commercial use but will need licensing for that
Havent even tried but I read some totally stupid senseless moron low rating reviews and had to compensate a lil for that.It WORKS UNTIL YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO YOUR FILES it seems to work and you prolly would never do something this good and even less or free. SUMMARYThis a great "FREE" program. It does exactly what is says it will do. I have no problems with it at all.I really like this product and it does basicly everthing that I need for it to do for me as simple recordings.Very advanced features for a free software. I was impressed by this.
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