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An open source SQL tool that allows the user to manage client and databases

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DBeaver Community

Release : DBeaver 5.3.5

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Last revision: Last week

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DBeaveris a free open source database administration tool designed specifically for administrators and database developers. The program is mostly used to create databases that are compatible with multiple database management systems. The software has proven to be a boon for developers that work with multiple systems at any given time.


  • Data Editing
  • SQL Editor
  • Theme Editor
  • Free To Use
  • Compatible With Multiple Databases

The real power of DBeaveris in its versatility as a program. The average database developer works with about 8 different management systems at any given time. If they are using DBeave, they can create and manage that database and carry it over to their specific system when they are finished. For example, I work on MySQL, Oracle, and Firebird most of the time. By having DBeaverin my arsenal, I can get all of my work done in DBeaverand carry over the finished product into those three different management systems with no issues.

The program doesn't require any kind of learning curve. If you can create a database in any of the other management systems, then you will feel right at home using DBeaver. Aside from its utility, the next great thing about the software is that it is completely free. If you are a programmer then the open source part of the program will be of interest to you since you can edit the program at will. In addition to all of that, there are surprisingly no operating system restrictions. DBeaverworks perfectly with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows operating systems. A few database management software is notorious for needing to be on 64 bit systems, so that makes DBeaver a welcome tool for developers.

If you've never tried DBeave, I suggest you give it a shot the next chance you get. This is especially true if you are like me and work with multiple management systems and are sick of switching between them.

Compatible with over 10 popular database management software.
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Vilius Staskas

I work with SQL programming through my role in security and frequently need to run scripts and queries. DBeaver makes my life easier with streamlining my stuff and also archiving past work. I am very pleased with the product as a whole and would recommend to anyone involved with SQL.
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Dbeaver is an easy to use universal Database tool for Windows. You can use it to clearly visualize and make changes to databases. This includes all major database protocols. Dbeaver can also make changes to metadata. It also has to scale functionality for business and enterprise. Above all Dbeaver has carefully designed its user interface with simplicity and usability in mind.
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Blake Fulcher

This database tool is found very useful and I think that anybody who deals with a big deal of databases should use this, it's easy to understand and install. It's simple design makes it very appealing to use and I recommend this to anybody who deals with database(s). Thank you DBeaver developers!
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From Microsoft, this is a great database management system that runs on Windows systems. This tool uses a spreadsheet model which makes it much easier to manage rows and columns in a database with a very easy interface. Also, this tool shines in making very professional reports that you can customize for your purpose. You can combine multiple database tables and arrange and analyze your data in various ways in these reports. Great tool for work with a very professional look and feel.
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DBeaver is a cool multi-platform database tool that has recently revamped to improve its services. Recently, it has updated the Installers options including reworking the Windows package and many problems in actual data entry have been improved for MacOS. This was critical for them as now the tool is much more efficient and convenient for users making this tool more sought after than other tools.
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This is a well made free universal database tool with an active community supporting it. If you take your time and install it correctly, it will work great. It supports a whole bunch of NoSQL databases and has some advanced extensions that are incredibly useful, if not critical, to have. Overall I'm blown away. Thank you to everyone who helped make this.
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Works well. It's a little difficult to get a grasp on. DBeaver is useful for everyone with database needs. It has extensions too. It was useful with excel and let me export it in a wide variety of file types. DBeaver made it so much much quicker for what I needed to do. Once you get the layout of things, proves very quite useful. Allows for the creation of reports, most things database requirements need, DBeaver fulfills.
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With DBeaver for Windows I get my choice of database drivers. I can access relational, document-oriented, time-series, and other drivers. I have access to SSH tunnel and shell command. For the geeks out there who programs for fun or work, this is a great piece of software. It gives you so much control. It comes with all the existing extensions. This is the only software I installed and it works.
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I'm a novice data scientist and have found DBeaver to be a really useful database tool for my work, especially since it's open-source. Using DBeaver, I'm able to analyze data the way I would in Excel, but it's so much more seamless since I can pull together reports using a myriad of sources and then create an output using a format that I get to specify.
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I love using DBeaver for Windows because it's a program that helps me manage data in a way that is intuitive. Even though I don't consider myself a professional data manager, DBeaver makes me feel like one! I 'm able to play with my data and change up the variables in a way that really allows me to draw sophisticated, advanced conclusions that are grounded in substantive analysis.
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This software is mainly used for macOS, Linux, and most of the various window behaviors of desktop computers. It gave advanced system securities and was easily install in this process.
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DBeaver is database management tool work with data in a professional way. It is very compatible to advanced database users, with a plendy of administrative and development features. Key Features: More works to finish a simple few clicks It supports more than 70 types of databases.
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DBeaver helps me a lot with managing my database. I don't know scripting so this is perfect for me. I like that all I have to do is a few clicks and can manage the entire database. Getting some reports can be hard, but this makes it easy, especially changing formats. Graphs are easy to do and convenient. It's easy to take data to the next level using DBeaver.
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I love using DBeaver for Windows because it provides database support regardless of what your need is, whether you're looking to work in Oracle or Apache Hive or a whole range of other options. It even provides support to some lesser-known databases like Phoenix, so it truly is a versatile tool.
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DBeaver for Windows is every programer, developer or software engineer's best friend. This software is free and open source multi-platform database management tool and SQL client. It doesn't just work with Windows but across different operating systems including Linux. DBeaver is a web-based application and is highly recommended for web administrators. DBeaver is a coding platform, hence, one cannot say it is easy to use if you do not already have a background knowledge in development or programming
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Cole Peschl

DBeaver is an open-source, multi-platform database management tool for developers and database administrators. It supports a wide range of databases including MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, MongoDB, Apache Hive and more. It provides a graphical user interface to manage databases and provides a range of features such as visual database structure editing, SQL query editor, database object search, data transfer, database data export/import and more.
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Finlay Y*******j

I used DBeaver for a while and overall I'm glad that I did. It's not perfect but it certainly has its merits. I found it to be fairly stable and user friendly. It has a modern and intuitive interface, which I found quite easy to use. It's also well integrated with various database systems and provides a good selection of tools for database management. In addition, it offers a great user experience with its very responsive UI. Last but not least, it has an impressive array of features, including support for multiple languages, powerful custom query builder, and support for multiple data formats.
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Robert E.

DBeaver is a great piece of software, it's easy to use and has lots of features that make managing databases a breeze. However, I've had some issues with compatibility when connecting to certain databases.
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Owen Z.

I find DBeaver to be a versatile and user-friendly database management tool with a wide range of supported databases and helpful features like data visualization and SQL code auto-completion.
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Daniel Carbonel

DBeaver is a powerful and flexible database management tool with a user-friendly interface.
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