by Blumentals Software

An app that allows the user to speed up Ebay searches

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Blumentals Software

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Last revision: Last week

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Dealseeker enhances and speeds up eBay searches by allowing the user to use one search for eBay items instead of multiple. Enter search phrases, exclusions, and parameters for each of your searches.

once you know what you want to search for and have entered it into the app, you can get all of your special deals in a single page. Now you don't have to run multiple searches across multiple platforms. This app streamlines your searches on EBay.

You can set up notifications for new deals after knowing what you want to buy. Dealseeker will run in the background and alert you to new items and deals on Ebay. You won't ever miss a new item by using this feature.

Provides a faster way to search Ebay and be notified of new products

There are multiple plans to fit your Ebay needs.

1. Free plan includes 10 daily searches.

2. Basic plan includes 30 daily searches

3. Pro plan includes 50 daily searches

4. Expert plan includes up to 100 daily searches.

You can also talk to customer support and customize a plan that fits your specific Ebay searching needs.

Recommendations are to use the free plan while figuring out the platform, but they do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee on their site.

There is a support section on the site if you get stuck or need technical support. They state they will be happy to help with any issues that may arise.

On the support page, there is a tips and tricks tutorial for getting the most out of your searches using Dealseeker. Tip to the wise: use category search with care as it can narrow down your searches too greatly.


  • Search with 1 click
  • Get notified about new listings 
  • Focus on items you actually want or need
  • Category listings for precise searches
  • Easy to start using and set up. No geek squad is needed.

There is no mobile app available but they may offer one in the future.

Dealseeker 1.0.6 (88.55 MB)
Dealseeker 1.0.6 2 (88.55 MB)
This app would be great if you are an avid e-bay shopper. It claims to find all the latest deals from your e-bay searches, but it will need to constantly run in the background to do this. It says the app will notify you when a deal is available. Any item or items you have searched for this app says it can run multiple searches from your saved searches. So if you shop e-bay all the time this might be the app for you.