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Privacy software which allows you to conceal your IP address, choose IP country and surf anonymously

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Real Hide IP is a program that allows you to hide your real IP address. Real Hide IP works in such a way that it replaces your real IP with one of the IP addresses belonging to the service network. This may be the IP address of Thailand, USA, Canada, Norway, etc. - When you start the program, you can choose any country. In addition, Real Hide IP can automatically change IP at specified intervals and allows you to view information about your current IP. Real Hide IP can be automatically launched with Windows and supports Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera browsers. You can also use this application to delete stored cookies, history, temporary Internet files and passwords in your browser. The program may be useful for users who wish to remain anonymous, protect themselves from identity theft, or bypass the IP blocking used on some websites.

- IP address spoofing;

- the ability to select IP by country;

- support for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera;

- Ability to delete private data in your browser (cookies, history, temporary files, etc.).

I always like a program or software that helps me stay safer on the internet. The idea behind blocking your ip is simple enough but also being able to chose between different countries of which your ip is shown is nice. It means you can probably get onto websites you couldn't access before from other countries. I'm not sure if it works to allow you onto the British version of Netflix or other streaming services but I could see huge potential there if it did.
This app is faulty. After downloading the app "Real Hide IP", I opened it and clicked on choose IP country. The app started connecting. After waiting for a really ling time (at least 3 minutes) for it to connect, it still didn't connect. In my own opinion, I believe the developers still have a really long way to go with the app.
Real Hide IP is more hiding you're IP number that way. You are not being tracked down by people that want to take you're info in buying things.
An easy to use privacy software that allows concealing of an IP address, choose IP country and surf anonymously
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