by Gordon Lyon

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Gordon Lyon

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Zenmap is the official graphical interface for the powerful Nmap network security scanner, designed primarily to make it easy for beginners to use all the advanced features available to professionals in the Nmap console version.

The most commonly used scanning options can be saved to the profiles to ensure that they can be easily run repeatedly afterwards, and Nmap commands are created online.

Scanning results can be stored in a searchable database and viewed later and can be compared with each other.

Nmap has been specifically designed for fast scanning of large computer networks, but it can also be successfully used on a single host.

Zenmap (of course, as well as Nmap) works under all major operating systems and is available both with a graphical interface and in a console version.

- Flexible: Supports many advanced methods for mapping networks with all IP filters, firewalls, routers and other obstacles. These methods include a large number of port scanning mechanisms, operating system definition and exact version of the operating system and much more;

- Powerful: Nmap (Zenmap) can be used to view huge networks of literally hundreds of thousands of machines;

- Easy to use: Regardless of the fact that Nmap (Zenmap) offers a lot of powerful tools for professionals, it can be used by beginners, both with a graphical interface and in a traditional console. For those who don't want to compile the program from the sources by themselves, the developer's site offers ready-made binary packages for various operating systems.

- free: Nmap (Zenmap) is distributed absolutely free of charge and with a full package of source code according to the license;

- supported: Regardless of the fact that Nmap (Zenmap) is distributed without any guarantees, the program is well supported by the developer and user communities;

- well-documented;

- renowned: Nmap (Zenmap) has received numerous awards, including the title of "Information Security Product of the Year" from the Linux Journal, Info World and Codetalker Digest;

- popular: Thousands of people download Nmap (Zenmap) every day for a variety of operating systems (Redhat Linux, Debian Linux, Gentoo, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows, etc.) The program is one of the ten most popular products of Freshmeat.Net repository.

This software can be used by novice users to scan their network and discover any potential liabilities
Zenmap is the official Nmap Security Scanner GUI. It is a multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BSD, etc.) free and open source application which aims to make Nmap easy for beginners to use while providing advanced features for experienced Nmap users
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