An application for instant, full-text cloud document search and digital library management.
It's a web scraping tool that extracts structured data from HTML pages into .csv files or Access databases
ScanDir is a simple command-line tool that quickly and easily scans a directory and its subdirectories for files and folders.
String-O-Matic is a software tool that allows users to quickly and easily search, manipulate and monitor text strings.
Multiple Search and Replace
Search and Replace programs are software applications that allow users to quickly and conveniently search for and replace certain text strings in multiple files.
Nmap Security Scanner GUI, Zenmap, is a cross-platform, open-source network exploration and security auditing tool.
XLN Desktop Search
A third party alternative which can help to find the files in a complex folders
An app that allows the user to speed up Ebay searches
A latest app that free and safe that may more popular
Allow for IP address to be hidden on Windows
Real Hide IP
Privacy software which allows you to conceal your IP address, choose IP country and surf anonymously
LANScope (Network Scanner)
Software designed to perform a multi-threaded scan of various local networks
Proxy Switcher Standard
This allows for automatic and anonymous surfing on the internet
IPScan I
It scans devices and IPs linked to your computer
Hide My IP
Allow IP to be hidden for windows programs
A small program that you can use to determine your IP addresses - both WAN and LAN
MAC Address Scanner
This will let you scan and locate the MAC Address for any local network system
Network Scanner
Allows for informaition to be scanned for windows
Free IP Scanner
The Free Ip Scanner for windows allows you to scan for network devices
DynDNS Updater
A computer application that keeps a hostname's IP address up-to-date
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