Desktop Lock Express

by TopLang Software

Access control software for windows servers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TopLang Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Desktop Lock Express is a reliable security tool that allows you to restrict access to your computer by locking your screen, keyboard and mouse. This is one of the products of the Desktop Lock family of software, which provides all its main features, except for some additional options, and has a much smaller size. It is possible to start the program directly without the need to install it. All functional elements of the program are included in a single executable file.

- easy to use. To restrict access, just press the "Lock" button;

- no installation required. A single exe file contains all the necessary functional elements;

- no configuration required. All you need to do is set a password at initial startup;

- auto-locking. The access lock mode is activated immediately after starting the program;

- a small size. Desktop Lock Express takes up no more than 150KB of hard disk space;

- keyboard and mouse lock. Avoids all kinds of actions with input devices and manipulators;

- autoload. It is possible to set a lock immediately after the system has booted up.

I definitely like the sound of this software. The only thing I can think that would have to be explained is how do you unlock. I would hate to run into issues myself trying to log into my computer. With a lock on the keyboard and mouse, how are you yourself suppose to get back in.
Well it is good product i always wanted a software that helps me to lock my data files and personal files i think this would be a best one for that purpose
I love using Desktop Lock Express for Windows because it makes it easy to keep my screen locked and protected so strangers can't access my activity on my computer. Best of all, Desktop Lock Express doesn't require any kind of installation and all of its features can be accessed from just one file. Thanks to this program, I feel that my computer activity is safe and secure.
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