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The Rasterbator is a free graphic editor designed to create large posters. The program works with bitmap images (JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG and TIF), which can be correctly enlarged to the desired size, divided into small parts for printing on a home printer and glued together into a single whole, like a mosaic. It is also possible to reduce the amount of large images that can be used to prepare small posters for printing.

Work with the program is built on the principle of a step-by-step wizard. This is the easiest and most intuitive method available even to inexperienced users. First of all, you need to load the original image and set the output size of the poster (you can use the standard formats A4, A3, A2, A1 or specify your own size). The Rasterbator will then suggest dividing the web into a certain number of parts of a certain size and setting the gap between the tiles. Optionally, you can adjust the output image style (black and white, color, graded to a specific color) and page orientation (landscape or portrait). After that, the user will have to save the finished project into PDF format and print it out. The process of converting images will not take long, even when using large files.

The Rasterbator is the best program that allows you to quickly create a real wall canvas from a normal image!

The Rasterbator is perfect for anyone that loves graphic designing. The Rasterbator is a free graphic editor that is great for creating large posters. It can even turn small bitmap images into clear enlarged images. The Rasterbator is very user-friendly and perfect for beginners.
The Rasterbator is a free program. It lets you create your own large posters. You can then enlarge the poster to the size you desire and divide it up into small parts so that you can print on your printer. You can then glued the parts together into a mosaic. You can also reduce how many large images you need to prepare small posters. It is designed with step by step instructions.
The Rasterbator for Windows is an easy-to-use printing software that allows you to blow up pictures to a size you find suitable to be placed on your wall. It's easy - choose a picture, upload it to Rasterbator, customize your size settings, print, and construct your newly sized picture on your wall, easy as that!
The Rasterbator for windows is a software or a program that can be used freely on windows and it is mainly used to create large posts which can be used to on walls or even it can be used to print-out pictures. The program can be used to run on different windows such as windows 7 all the way to windows 10. It can also be used to combine several photos to a single page or even several pages and one can be able to print it out. The program can be downloaded freely from the internet.
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