by James Fisher

DirBuster is an application designed to scan web applications for hidden files and directories.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: James Fisher

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Last revision: Last week

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DirBuster is a multi-threaded Java application designed to brute force directories and files in web/application servers. It is useful in discovering resources that are not linked (directly) in the pages of the site, such as administration panels, backup files, and user directories.

DirBuster allows users to quickly and easily identify hidden files and directories on a web server.

1. High Speed Brute Force: DirBuster is designed to be fast and powerful. It uses multiple threads to achieve high speeds when brute forcing.

2. Easy to Use: DirBuster has an easy to use interface. It provides options to customize the brute force process.

3. Wordlist Support: DirBuster can use wordlists of commonly used directories and filenames. This allows more control and accuracy in the brute force process.

4. GUI and Command Line Versions: DirBuster can be used in either a graphical user interface or from the command line.

5. Supports Proxies: DirBuster can use different types of proxies for anonymity.

6. Supports SSL: DirBuster can also be used to brute force SSL (HTTPS) connections.

7. Logging: DirBuster can log all of the discovered resources to a file.

8. Detects Redirects: DirBuster can detect when a page is being redirected and follow the redirect. This can be useful in discovering hidden resources.

9. Detects Forbidden: DirBuster can detect when a resource is forbidden. This can help in determining if a resource is protected.

10. Multi-Threaded: DirBuster is multi-threaded, allowing it to achieve high speeds when brute forcing.

11. Supports User Agents: DirBuster can use different types of user agents to change the way it appears to the server. This can help in bypassing security measures.

12. Supports Cookies: DirBuster can use cookies to maintain a session with the server. This can be useful in bypassing security measures.

13. Supports POST Requests: DirBuster can use POST requests to send data to the server. This can be useful in bypassing security measures.

14. Supports HTTP Authentication: DirBuster can use HTTP authentication to access resources. This can be useful in bypassing security measures.

15. Supports FTP: DirBuster can also be used to brute force FTP servers. This can be useful in discovering hidden resources.

16. Supports SOCKS Proxies: DirBuster can use SOCKS proxies for greater anonymity.

17. Customizable Headers: DirBuster can use custom headers to bypass security measures.

18. Customizable Timeouts: DirBuster can be configured to use different timeouts when connecting to a server.

19. Automatic Updates: DirBuster can check for updates automatically, allowing you to always have the latest version.
DirBuster is a software tool written in Java, so it requires a computer system with Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. It also requires a minimum of 512 MB of RAM and 10 MB of disk space. Additionally, it requires a minimum of Java version 7.0 or higher.
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David Prestifilippo

I recently used DirBuster software for a web application security testing project. It was a great tool for spidering and enumerating web services. It was easy to configure, and provided a lot of useful options. The GUI was user friendly and intuitive. It was very fast and efficient in finding hidden directories and files. It also had an accurate reporting mechanism, which made it easier to understand the results. Overall, it was an excellent tool for web application security testing.
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Ross D.

DirBuster is a great tool to use for discovering hidden directories and usfuls files. It's relatively easy to use and the results are often accurate, though someimtes it can take a while to get the desired outcome.
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Blair J*******u

DirBuster has been a great tool for finding hidden files and directories on a web serve, even with its somewhat cumbersom interface.
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Blair M.

DirBuster is a tool that is used to enumerate directories and files on web servers. It is designed to find hidden files and directories on a web server by using a wordlist-based attack. The tool uses multiple threads to speed up the process of scanning a web server for hidden files and directories. DirBuster can be used to identify vulnerabilities in web servers and to help in the process of penetration testing. The software is open-source and can be used on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.
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Daniel A******i

The software successfully identified multiple directories on the target website.
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