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An MS-DOS OS emulator for modern Windows PCs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DOSBox

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DOSBox is a free program for emulating Disk Operating System (DOS) in Windows and other operating systems. DOSBox can work in FreeBSD, Fedora, Gentoo Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2, RISC OS, Debian, Solaris 10, BeOS and others. The latest version of the program is also available in C++ source code. Emulator is primarily designed to run old board games on modern personal computers.

DOS is, without exaggeration, a whole era in the development of operating systems. Everybody probably remembers or at least heard about the black screen, square cursor and "C:\>_" invitation, where you could enter commands that were processed by COMMAND.COM interpreter. DOS was one of the most popular operating systems for IBM-compatible personal computers from about 1980 to 1995. At that time, games such as Doom, Quake, Dune, Elite, Wolfenstein 3D, Arkanoid, Supaplex, Pac-Man, Prince of Persia and so on were released. Of course, many of these games already have modern remakes, but if you want to get a little nostalgia or see how it all started, DOSBox is a great program to run old games on a modern PC.

Emulator settings are available through configuration file, DOSBox can emulate IBM-PC compatible x86 processors, file system with the ability to mount directories as disks, graphic modes CGA, EGA, VGA and VESA and audio cards AdLib, PC-Speaker, Tandy, Sound Blaster and others. The program can also emulate TCP/IP, IPX and serial network connections.

To Russify, download the Russifier from our website and carefully read the instructions in the file Instructions_RUS_ENG.txt.

- x86 processor emulation;

- multiplatform;

- a lot of settings;

- the ability to mount file directories as hard disks;

- support for multiple graphics modes;

- support for emulating old audio cards;

- support for emulation of modem connections;

- the presence of a Russifier.

The description is great for this product. professionally written and sounds like it fits a niche that is needed. I like how it gives examples of the use "playing old board games" I personally have come across this problem when trying to play games from the past and emulators are always something i have toyed with from not so reputable sites. From the description i would be interested in buying this product to play games like the original doom or not so old games such as diablo and sim city.
Emulates a full x86 pc with sound and DOS, to run old DOS games on platforms which don't have DOS
It have a bunch of garbled icons on the top position and the mouse cursor is in the black box. The application was initially released in 2002. Then the DOS become the disregarded operating system. By the todays technology the DOS considered as the obsolete. In some cases people like to run the old system and game on the old operating system. The DOSBox not targeted to the Novices users . To use the features of the DOS we need to know about the MS-DOS environment
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