by Lunarship Software

Makes viewing, sorting, organizing and sharing your photos and videos easy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lunarship Software

Release: Phototheca 2.9.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Phototheca (for Windows) lets you organize the memories of your life using advanced yet intuitive features and a comfortable, simple interface. With Phototheca, you’ll spend more time reliving the fun times of your life caught on film, and less time organizing and searching through thousands of image and video files.


  • Easy to view, sort, organize and share images and videos
  • Import images or videos from cameras, memory cards, hard drives, networks
  • Tag images and videos with keywords, place names, and more
  • Alter timestamps
  • Arrange media into albums, events
  • Build photo libraries
  • Smart album capable
  • Password protected, private albums
  • Remove duplicate files
  • Filtering by date, camera, and more

Phototheca by Lunarship Software has a clean, non-distracting user interface. You can customize background colors, thumbnail sizes, and slideshow preferences. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, Phototheca has some advanced features under the hood: instant search lets you search by keywords; Calendar and Timeline features let you browse your images the way you experienced them; find and remove duplicate files to save space; organize images and videos into albums or events; you can even rate your photos.

Phototheca is an award-winning photo and video organizer with a simple, clean user interface.

Phototheca has a comprehensive toolbox for organizing your images and videos: work with keywords and/or metadata tags. Tag images with place names, event names, names of people in the images or video. Sorting and filtering are possible by way of dates, cameras used, and more. You can also group images into libraries or albums.  The level of cataloging is up to you.

Additional features include the ability to make images or videos private so they can only be viewed with a password. The slideshow environment is completely distraction-free: no panels, windows, or menus. Backgrounds, colors and thumbnail-sized are completely customizable so you can make your images pop and keep eyestrain to a minimum.

Alicia Sasser
I love everything about this product! The interface allows me to do so much without having to worry about hassling myself with different methods of modifying and organizing my files. Very easy to use and overall a great and wonderful product!
Phototheca software is pretty comprehensive is it's capability to gather and sort photos and videos. I like that it provides the images in a timeline in the event I've forgotten when I took the photos or videos. The tagging feature is also a plus to help me search through my thousands of images. Based on the description of the software I would certainly give this software a try.
Phototheca by Lunarsoftware is an award winning photo and video organising software available on Windows platform. The software's intuitively designed interface allows easy viewing, sorting, organising and sharing of videos and images. It also allows file management tasks such as removing duplicates, timestamping, arranging media, etc.
This software is quite useful. I would recommend that every parent check out this software and use it for organizing photos and videos that they have of their kids.
It appears to be a very useful tool for organizing photos and creating easily accesible files.
Muhammad Laws
This photo management/facial recognition looks outdated. After doing some research, I can see that it is a photo editing software but it is not a number one option for me.
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