A free painting and drawing tool for Windows

Operating system: Windows


Release: FireAlpaca 2.1.17

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Last revision: Last week

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FireAlpaca is a free Digital art program that is lightweight, simple and easy to use.  It was built for beginners but includes a lot of tools and features that will impress any digital artist.  A few of the features it offers are listed below.


  • Perspective view
  • Pen Pressure
  • Panel layouts
  • Concentration lines
  • 3D perspective
  • layering
  • templates
  • Gradient and Text tool
  • Curve Tool
  • eye dropper
  • eraser
  • move tool
  • hand tool
  • bucket

FireAlpaca is available for Windows and the Mac and is 100% free (no enterprise fees). It is available in 10 different languages so it can be used by Digital Artist around the world.  Its simple interface makes it easy to get started. The interface contains standard navigation tabs such as file, edit, filter, and layer.

Its free. simple and easy to use but offers complex features like layer effects

There are multiple brushes to choose from and the opacity and size of the brush can be altered.  You can choose a pen which also has multiple functions, as well as paint with watercolor and pencil.  If the set of brushes we offer don't meet all your needs you have the option to create your own or buy other brushes that have been created by other artists.  Several layer effects are also available (Multiply, Burn, Doge, Luminosity, etc.).

FireAlpaca provides plenty of image editing tools. The tool can be used to:

  • create .jpg, .png, .mpd, .bitmaps
  • create comics
  • create animated gifs
  • crop images
  • resize images
  • skew images
  • flip and rotate images

FireAlpaca also provides a variety of perspective tools such as the 3D perspective view.  The 3D perspective view can be used to swap 3D objects.  FireAlphaca comes with features that are ideal for comic book artist.

FireAlpaca also offers keyboard shortcuts.  You have the option to alter the shortcuts before starting a project. The list of shortcuts can be found online.   

Although the tool is considered lightweight it will meet all your professional needs.  

FireAlpaca is a free digital art program that is easy enough for beginners. Even though it is free, it is loaded with tools to maximize your artistic desires. FireAlpaca comes with many options for use and allows you to do many styles. FireAlpaca is excellent for comic book users. FireAlpaca is available for both Windows and Mac, and comes in several languages.
Arran Katz
free Digital Painting Software that is available in 10 languages and compatible with both Mac and Windows. Simple tools and controls let you draw an illustration easily. New convenient tools will be added one after another! Download FireAlpaca right now!
its an painting software, you may think its just a painting software, but actually its a fun one, its have 10 languages in this software, which can be use full for everyone who downloaded, loved the way its working smoothly, Kindly give me the review of everyone honestly who have downloaded this , thanks
This software is actually pretty cool. There is an option where you can change the pen line or the brush line. You can change it some pretty cool stuff like books or flowers or pretty much anything. You can also design beautiful pictures that turn out amazing. You can also manipulate the the canvases and k job and upload all kinds of different file types which makes it pretty freaking cool. I would highly recommend this app it is pretty freaking awesome.
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