by DeskSoft

A system extension which provides faster access to files and folder contents

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DeskSoft

Release: FastFolders 5.9.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Anyone who has worked in Windows extensively and has lots of different files for work and personal projects knows how time-consuming it can be just navigating the menu system properly to search for what you need. Playing cat and mouse games in an endless sea of folders to find the one file you need but isn't showing up in the search menu is a painstaking process. However, thanks to FastFolders for Windows, this worry is a concern of the past. FastFolders works by adding a menu item to the contextual menu system of Windows Shell folders that displays the entire folder directory structure immediately and far quicker than Windows does. By granting users the ability to bypass the typical process and instead have instant, easy access to their folders and files, this program is sure to increase productivity and overall worker satisfaction for anyone that uses it.

This program also includes advanced user functionality to increase workflow performance even more. For instance, this program enables a unique drag and drop system where the user uses the right mouse button to select a folder or file and by simply dragging the menu system will automatically display a list of commonly used folders or recently accessed folders for the user to drop the file or folder into. This prevents the user from having to have to separate windows open to do a simple drag and drop procedure. There is also the ability for users to customize and split up large directories by adding multiple organizational columns for filtering and field tagging. Even fine little details, such as Windows menu speed, which is otherwise uneditable by normal users, can be changed using the abilities of this program. For anyone who has found themselves at times frustrated with the way Windows explorer can be clunky and outdated, this program is certain to fix all of your worries and concerns.


Enables the user to browse the directory structure of their system without opening each individual folder
  • Completely modifies the entire Windows contextual menu regarding folders and files by adding a menu which displays the directory structure immediately.
  • Allows for individual files to work in the menu in addition to folders to give the user fast and efficient access to all of the available content on their computer
  • Enables unique keyboard shortcuts such as pressing S to display item sizes or pressing C to copy the list of directory contents to the clipboard easily and quickly
  • Gives the user the ability to split up large directories into various columns for increased organization and easier access
  • Allows for deep and advanced user customization by giving users the ability to change menu speed and many other Windows menu variables

Supports all Windows operating systems

i would recommend this product to anybody that is interested in increasing their productivity in a quick and easy way. This product works by giving you quick and easy access to your files and folder contents. Without having to happen each and every folder you can now them directory style. this software supports many 32 bit and 64 bit systems and is also compatible with windows 7, 8, 9, 10 and even windows vista.
FastFolders is an extension for Windows Explorer that assists with access and availability to every folder on a hard drive. By simply browsing through the directory structure using the right-click context menu, it allows for a greater level of convenience instead of the manual, traditional method of browsing. FastFolders also features a file size display, helping distinguish between files, and offers directory columnization and hotkeys as well as in-depth customization. So if you may have been looking for a bit of convenience in folder and file organization, FastFolders is a strong contender.
When you need to find a folder on your computer it can be so exhausting and frustrating. For someone who games and wants to add mods to the game, this is especially true. This application gives you quick and easy access too all your computer contents and files with nothing more than a click. Definitely get this if you are a gamer.
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