by Point Planck Limited

An excellent tool for renaming and reversing your movies, TV shows or animation and downloading subtitles

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Point Planck Limited

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FileBot is a program that is having full of exciting features that's perfect matches for the lover of TV shows and Anime. It allows us to rename a huge amount of episodes that have been saved to your computer hard disk so that you can give a name to them properly and search them much more easily.

Generate large numbers of file transfers by increasing performance 10 to 25 times more, overcoming network latency, and increasing productivity. Manage transfer speeds and allocate whenever important, network bandwidth to partners. Make it sure for acceptance of file transfers from approved IP addresses and assigned users. It's very smart, streamlined for making simplicity, and just works. FileBot supports Windows, Linux, and Mac, plus there's a fully advance featured command-line interface for all batch of automation.


Generate large numbers of file transfers by increasing performance 10 to 25 times more, overcoming network latency, and increasing productivity. Manage transfer speeds and allocate whenever important, network bandwidth to partners.
  • A simple and user interface and display tuned for drag-n-drop
  • Rename numbers of media files in a very short time and seconds
  • It matches movies against TheMovieDB database data
  • It matches episodes against TheTVDB  database data
  • It matches music against MusicBrainz data using AcoustID
  • It downloads subtitles from Open Subtitles
  • It Uploads subtitles to OpenSubtitles
  • It quickly generates and verifies SFV, MD5, and SHA1 files
  • FileBot's most enjoyable function allows you easy access to OpenSubtitles, Subscene, Sublight, and SubtitleSource so that you can easily download subtitles in any language we like to choose.
  • We can directly access to the databases of specified websites like TVRage, AniDB,, IMDb, and The TVDB, from which you can take the names of all the episodes of any TV shows in just a few seconds.


Filebot is a convenient application which allows you to rename and reverse your TV shows, movies and animation. Not only does it allow you to rename a large number of episodes but it also means you can search them much more easily. It renames within seconds.
Oscar Nolen
FileBot is the ultimate tool for organizing and renaming your Movies, TV Shows and Anime as well as fetching subtitles and artwork. It's smart and just works.
Filebot is a great tool to use if you're looking for a way to give your movies or other digital files like TV shows or anime a new name. The tool is compatible across many different types of computers, including Windows and Linux. It also supports Apple. My favorite feature is the simple interface that I find to be very intuitive. All I need to do is drag my files over and drop them in. You can give your media files new names in just a few moments.
Filebot is a simple media tool that is mainly used in animation videos and TV shows. The usage of this software application is to rename some complicated and long names which are used in media. In a fraction of second, we can rename more number of files. This app performs file integration and subtitle correction in media files. It supports more numbers of databases of movie streaming and TV shows exactly. Other features are verification of media files and searching subtitles using tool.
I am a huge movie and TV junkie, and let me tell you, FileBot for Windows is something that has vastly improved my quality of life. The feature that allows you to automatically obtain subtitles is super helpful because I often have a hard time finding them on my own and prefer watching my material with subtitles on. The fact that it is a drag and drop software means that it will take minimal effort to sort your content. I cannot recommend this software enough to other film buffs.
Awesome and ultimate tool to renaming your tv shows,movies,or anime and downloading subtitles.It is a smart tool and i totally recommend this tool to all.
FileBot is a unique and very useful tool to organize your movies and TV shows. If you want all your Movies and Shows directly at your fingertips with quick and easy access than this tool is for you. This will be a tool that I will use for the rest of my life, as once you experience how efficient and effective this tool is you will only wish that you had found it sooner. I highly recommend trying FileBot out.
If you want to organize, rename or have your movies right there in your hand, FileBot for Windows is what you need. This is a very good at downloading artwork and cover images, fetch subdata, write metadata and much more. I do recommend this software
FileBot is great tool to organize and rename movies. It looks very smart and hihly customizable to work. It also helps us to fetch subtitles for movies, TV shows which we have downloaded. It supports windows, Linux, Mac, etc., It also works for audio files. The user interface is very simple and easy to use. It is a powerful and full-featured cmdline interface. It is an accurate and robust to use. It also supports language preferences for series and episode titles.
I love FileBot because it allows me to get all of my many movies and TV shows organized in a single place, which is really helpful. It gives me the ability to not only match media files, but also retitle them. I can even get graphics and subtitles too using FileBot, and the best part is that it only takes seconds to work!
Filebot was very useful in see the movie with family and friends and it is also can help my children to learn courses easily. filebot is highly used by students for animation.
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