by Piskel

An online editor that allows you to create pixel art

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Piskel

Release: Piskel 0.14.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Pixel is a browser tool that allows the user to create pixel art as well as sprites (small animated running characters). This software is easy to use and automatically backs up all of the art you create. Once you're done, the art is completely yours to freely use. 

The software allows you to create the pixel art easily, with clear tools including outlining and shading. You can import a project to begin working on it and even view the project moving as you are working on it. This software allows you to keep your art private and secure, or open to other artists. When done, the animation can be exported into multiple different formats including PNG, GIF, and ZIP. This insures that no matter what use you plan for your project, you will be able to export your work to fit that format. The real-time animation allows the artist to ensure their art is looking as they intended before they export it. 


Piskel allows the user to work within their browser without having to download any bulky software.
  • When using Piskel, you have the option to import a pixel image you already possess. 
  • You also have the option to select from an infinite array of colors when shading your art. 
  • Piskel offers easy Google sign-in which helps to link your images. 
  • Piskel allows you to view your animated sprite as you work. 

Overall, Piskel offers an ideal animated sprite and pixel art creating a tool that is quick and easy to get started. Piskel is ideal for those who are both new to pixel art and more experienced. By allowing the user to work within a browser, it allows the user to try the software without fully committing, in order to ensure this is truly the right software fit for them. The attractive design is not only visually appealing but also extremely functional. In conclusion, Pixel is a great software for those looking to greate animated pixel gifs. 

Piskel for windows is free online sprite editor.It can be used without internet connection.We can download offline version also.It is small but very usable free graphics editor.It is a easy modification and creation of static animated pixel art and gifs.It also allow us to create pixel art.It allow us to draw sprities using several powerful tools and a layer system.Its operating system is windows.
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