An Animation Graphic Editor, Sprite Creator, and Pixel Art software

Operating system: Windows


Release: GraphicsGale 2.08.21

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Unlike other standard art programs, GraphicsGale is very focused on sprite creation and pixel art, and, as it is focused on it, does it very well. In most other art programs, you have to work layer by layer - or worse, file by file - and most don't even have a means of viewing the animation without compiling it all into a .gif and viewing it, which can be painstaking. GraphicsGale takes care of this and more, making spriting and pixel art a breeze! It can play you art while it's still in progress - no repeated saves and tests required - it can do onion skinning, which shows you the previous frame overlaid transparently to assist in frame creation, works with several layers, and even natively supports multiple file types, so there's no need to convert different formats to save them into the same animation. On top of all this, GraphicsGale is freeware, so no cost is involved in beginning your pixel art or sprite creating journey!


  • Native support of .gif, .ico, .avi, .cur, .ani, and more
  • Supports animation within the program, even during frame edits
  • Multiple layers to organize and streamline art creation
  • Onion Skin option to view previous and next frames in order to better animate sprites.
  • Multiple export options - output everything to a sprite sheet, output the animation to a .gif, or make every frame its own file - to better suit individual workflow
  • Import images from your scanner, camera, or TWAIN devices, or even create new images from scratch
  • Palette control, selective color erase, and color swapping available for faster, more efficient sprite variations

If you find yourself in the market for a good, free pixel art and sprite creation program, be it for avatars, game creation, or just testing out your artistry skills, look no further than GraphicsGale for your needs. Start creating today!

GraphicsGale is very clean and intuitive for beginners and experts alike in Sprite creation, with many easily accessible options to edit, selectively replace, and modify color schemes.

Requires Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10

This is the solution to your pixel art needs. It simplifies the process considerably and allows you to view your results as you're going along without compiling everything first. Makes things much faster and much simpler. Multiple file types are supported and the best thing of all is it's completely free!
Sam Vines
This is a graphics editor tool used for editing graphics on your computer. It would be really good for game developers in creating video games.
I love using GraphicsGale for Windows because it's a program that makes it really easy to design a variety of graphics, regardless of whether you're interested in simple sketches or pixelated designs. I also appreciate that it comes with a comprehensive library of special effects that you can add as this makes GraphicsGale unique from other programs that are on the market.
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