Design Doll

by Terawell

Сreate 3D human models pose in many formats

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Terawell

Release: Design Doll

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Last revision: Last week

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Design Doll is a product that will enable the user to a myriad of different configurations allowing the artists to have complete control of their art. It allows users to also import external 3D models which will help the artists in achieving their desired designs.


  • User-Friendly UI
  • Cross Compatible Data
  • Shadowing and Shade Features
  • Painting of Models
  • Reproducing Head to Body Ratios
  • Multiple Figures Designing
  • Create an Art Collection
  • Sharing of Poses
  • Free From Perspective Lines
  • Unlimited Usage of Designs
  • Flip and Mirror Tool

Design Doll has many options for choosing the way an artist would like for their final work to be presented. With over 2.5 million downloads it is easily becoming the goto choice by digital artists and designers for their products. It is free to download with only taking less than 500kb of memory. Their cloud library hosting many of your designs safely and able to access easily.

It has a user friendly interface.

It is an ad-free software that is also able to be purchased with BitCash. Unfortunately, at this time it is only available on Windows operating systems and not Apple. 

3D artists are always looking for the next, most complete software for rendering their designs. This software allows for the best impression of the work to be shown with even the tiniest details worked on. The different modes will allow the artist to see which presentation is best and allows the final outcome to be what they desired using the preview mode. Editing is easy with the user interface and the different functions to create. This is the future of 3D manakin design that is affordable and easy for all types of artists to embolden their final masterpieces.

This seems to be a good tool for artist, and I would love to experiment with this program. I have learned of these design concepts and wonder who uses this type of program today and for what reasons. Painters, Illustrators, Game Designers or Mold & Toy Artist are possibly finding this sort of software very intriguing. I have personally never heard of anything like it myself.
Riley Carrera
It act as a digital reference point for designers and the art lovers
Best 3D figure i ever used. worth app, but it takes too much CPU load in PC that is what main disadvantage i seen A great brand mixed with good pricing structure and incredible features Out of all these services I have always been attracted to App tentive It’s a simple implementation and doesn’t cost much.
Design Doll for Windows is a software which allows you to change human body figure you can make any part of the body bigger or smaller as you want it is called "Doll" because you can actually make any female a Doll
It is one of the top choice of 3D designer or animator to use this software to make doll motion in the way they want them to act. it is one the best 3D software it can more feature that can be used in real time or even external 3D data. It has built in commands required by the customers, it is so easy to make the dolls pose through these compositions. the best part is you can make your own pose collection.
Overall seems like advanced software. It looks to be geared toward graphic design or marketing companies looking to advertise a product. Very impressive how you can essentially make any figure to match exactly what you're looking for down to the length of fingers!
This lets me create and edit three-dimensional models of the human body. This program is sophisticated enough for use by true artistic professionals, and I love how easy it is to manipulate all of the various postures and compositions that are on the platform so you can really make them your own.
This is a great program that has helped me so much with a lot of my art projects. I do a lot of sculpting and painting and this program can help with modeling figures and adjusting/editing poses and tones. It has helped me so much as well in improving my artistic skills and has even given me some new and creative ideas with some of my pieces.
Have you been searching for a way to create 3D models of figures for reference as you are drawing or painting? Design Doll for Windows is free and will allow you to create and design these 3D references as you are working. You will become an expert in human form in no time thanks to this software download. There are diverse ways in which this will benefit you and your creativity.
If you consider yourself a budding designer, artist or sculptor then you must check out Design Doll for Windows. This program makes it really easy to make your own sketches of the human body. Best of all, you can make your models in three dimensions, which is a unique feature that is available in Design Doll but not broadly available in other modeling applications.
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