by Joe Hewitt

Firebug facilitated the debugging, editing and monitoring of any website's HTML,CSS and JavaScript

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To install FireBug directly in your browser, click here and click "Download". FireBug integrates with Firefox and provides a wide range of development tools available at your fingertips. You can edit, debug and simply view CSS, HTML, and JavaScript documents live on any page. Download and use the extension for free.

- Only in a convenient way... You can open FireBug in a separate window or in the form of a panel at the bottom of your browser. FireBug provides multifunctional "point" control over the site;

- studying and editing HTML documents. FireBug allows you to easily find HTML elements in the middle of large documents. Once you've found what you've been looking for, FireBug gives you more information about the item and you can edit it live;

- CSS polishing to perfection. C"" FireBug tables give you all the information about the styles in your web page, and if you're not satisfied with something, you can change it and view the effect instantly;

- visualization of CSS measurements. If CSS blocks do not become correct, it can be difficult to understand why it happens. Allow FireBug to be your eyes, and it will measure and display all offsets, indents, boundaries, fillings, and all dimensions;

- network activity monitor. Your pages take a long time to load, but why? Wrote a lot of scripts? Forgot to compress the images and they weigh a lot? FireBug will help you to understand and fix all these problems;

- JavaScript debugging. FireBug contains a powerful debugger for JavaScript, which allows you to stop the execution at any time, to understand and polish the script. If you feel your code is slow, use the JavaScript profiler to measure performance and find weaknesses;

- a quick search for errors. When something goes wrong, FireBug will report it immediately and give you as much information as possible about errors in JavaScript, CSS, and XML code;

- DOM research. Document Object Model is a large hierarchy of objects and functions that are waiting to be used by Java scripts. FireBug will help you quickly find the right DOM objects and then edit them on the fly;

- on the fly JavaScript execution. The command line is one of the oldest tools in the FireBug package, but it is also possible;

- Logging of JavaScript information. Having a good debugger for JavaScript is definitely a good thing, but sometimes the fastest way to find problems is to drop as much information into the console as possible. FireBug gives you a set of powerful logging features that help you find solutions to problems.

FireBug is a tool to search in HTML documents, for errors, for word and/or phrases, can change the text or place textparts on a other place of the side. FireBug works under Firefox. It helps you to compress sides that is takes not to long to load.
FireBug is very nice tool to inspect your web code. You can find logging of errors, warnings and notices with no time. Testing css and html is also very easy through this tool I always recommend FireBug to new Web Developers.
Firebug is a tool to check for problems in web pages. It allows one to edit a web page on the fly and examine the HTML code. You can also makes changes immediately to CSS and "polish" (as the company says).
I really like this software it works in my internet browser almost like a pdf file reader and editor and it works great and the best part about it is it is free. I really enjoy how easy it is to be able to edit pretty much any document within your internet browser and to be able to save the edits.