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Superb software and a great add on to facebook account

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In today's world I doubt there is anybody who is not using Facebook, it has become one of the most important modes of communication for a lot of people. For people like me who consider social media a boon for our entertainment Facebook is a go-to place, you can go to people's profiles and check what they are up to. You get to see pictures of your loved ones and respond to them by commenting on the picture or just giving a like or a heart.

At times it so happens that all of sudden you don't get to see information about a few people who were on your friend list it is just like they have disappeared from your list. But at times it so happens that you get to see a lot of unwanted stuff that you don't want to see when you are on the internet and especially when you are surrounded by family.

It will definitely put you into an embarrassing situation which I am sure anybody would want to avoid. Here is where Flatbook works, you can customize your choices using this software. You will see what you want to see and nothing unwanted. You can even see who has unfriended you on Facebook and you can do the same to them, you don't have to wonder why some people have just like that disappeared from your Facebook page. It makes using Facebook more simple and easy. It is pretty easy to download, you just have to search for Flatbook and you will have the link to download it. If you want to make your Facebook experience pleasant Flatbook is something that you should not miss, clean, simple, and easy. The best thing you can keep your laptop open with Facebook with your kids around which I think is a great feature.

User friendly and a must have
  • Very simple to use
  • Safe
  • Great addon for Facebook
  • Readability increase
  • Check who unfriended you
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Flatbook emulates the experience of reading a book on your computer screen. Flatbook is an application that may be used whenever it is vital to read a text file on the screen for an extended period of time. This application makes reading as pleasant as reading an actual book and reduces eye strain. The user of Flatbook is able to view a text file with the same ease as flipping the pages of a book since page units are assigned on the display rather than the printed page. Flatbook makes use of themes that make it simple to turn a text document into a flat book, with each page including the user's chosen layout, typeface, shade, borders, and other formatting options.
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Samuel T.

Flatbook is a cloud-based platform that helps property managers and landlords manage rental properties. It offers features such as online rental applications, tenant screening, rental agreements, and rental payment processing, as well as automated email and text message reminders for rent payments, maintenance requests, and more. Additionally, Flatbook can be integrated with accounting and property management software, allowing landlords to manage their entire rental business from a single dashboard.
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Jude O.

Flatbook software is a great product for managing rental properties. It is easy to use and provides a lot of features. The dashboard is well laid out and gives you a great overview of all your rental properties and activities. The reporting system is also very helpful in tracking your rental income and expenses. It also has a great customer support team that is always available to help you out. I especially like the automated reminders for rent payments. Overall I am very happy with the software and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a property management solution.
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Callum Stuckenschneide

Working with Flatbook software has been a frustrating experience, especially with the frequent glithces and hiccups in the system.
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Murray I*****c

Flatbook is a software that helps users manage their rental properties. It allows users to create listings, collect rent payments, and communicate with tenants. The software also includes features such as financial tracking, maintenance requests, and lease management. Overall, Flatbook simplifies the process of managing rental properties by providing an all-in-one platform for landlords.
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Benjamin X***********y

Flatbook software is a user-friendly and efficient tool for creating and managing digital publications.
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