by Translator Tools

A tool that analyzes Microsoft Office documents to streamline and optimize translation processes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Translator Tools

Release : Forget-me-not 1.1.1

Antivirus check: passed

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The Forget-me-not software scans through numerous Microsoft Office documents to generate reports that provide a clear idea of how to comprehensively translate these documents, without missing a thing. Moreover, it aids in scheduling the extra work needed for word processing and manual translation, which are vital steps in ensuring a complete and high-quality translation job.

This software is incredibly useful in managing documents for import into your CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool correctly. Once the report is generated, the project manager or freelance translator can understand parts of the text that won't be imported by your CAT tool, such as embedded objects, images, document properties, and many more. Furthermore, the report also suggests texts that can be imported by modifying your CAT tool's import options. A common example is that Word comments typically aren't imported by default in most CAT tools.

  • Identifying text requiring special attention before and after translation in the CAT tool
  • The ability to detect fields that need updating.
  • Identifying text boxes and fixed height table rows that may need resizing in the final document.
  • Recognizing tab characters.
  • The ability to estimate the word count in additional text.

Using this report, the project manager or freelance translator can correctly import documents into the CAT tool, see what needs to be manually translated, how many words are included in this additional text, and what kind of formatting work is required in the final document. Forget-me-not is a valuable tool that ensures efficiency and thoroughness in all translation work.

Forget-me-not aids in managing large-scale translation projects effectively, ensuring thoroughness and high-quality outcomes.

In summary, Forget-me-not is a must-have software for all translation professionals who need to manage a large number of documents effectively and ensure a complete and high-quality translation job. Using it significantly simplifies the management of complex translation projects and helps optimize the time and resources dedicated to each project.

Compatible with Microsoft Office Suite
Ability to scan and identify text in CAT Tools
Support for document import and report generation
Capacity to detect and update required fields

Efficiently manages large document translation projects.
Optimizes time and resources dedicated to projects.
Ensures comprehensive, high-quality translation jobs.

Interface can be confusing for new users.
Occasionally underestimates word count.
Limited to Microsoft Office documents.
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