by Translator Tools

A memorization tool based on flashcards so you don’t forget anything

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Translator Tools

Release : Forget-me-not 1.1.1

Antivirus check: passed

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Do you often struggle with memorizing things, facts, tricks, or any other concept? If yes, Forget-me-not is here for your assistance. It is an innovative software for Windows that is based on flashcards so you can learn information with high efficiency and speed. It has several customization options that enable you to change the color of a flashcard or move it to a specific location on the desktop.

The best thing is it works on a spaced repetition algorithm. It is an evidence-based learning technique that involves the use of flashcards to memorize things with increased effectiveness. Using spaced repetition, this tool displays new and difficult cards more frequently, while the less difficult ones are shown for only a short time. This way, you can easily grasp complex things and boost productivity.


  • A simple yet effective memorization tool to learn new and difficult things conveniently.
  • It acts as a personal mind trainer and uses spaced repetition techniques to help memorize.
  • You can learn a language, get hints in the form of masking letters and also edit information in the flashcard.
  • It comes with a walking and auto-playing mode to pronounce things and remember materials fluently.
  • You can also change the card color or customize its appearance per your preference.
  • The interface is smooth and without any distractions, so you can synchronize it across multiple devices.

Besides ease of use and card inversion options, Forget-me-not comes with several test methods to evaluate your learning capabilities. You can also improve your listening and communication skills with the foreign language learning feature. To save your time, this memorization application is equipped with a walking mode.

The purpose of this mode is to help you perform activities or do exercises without looking at the screen. The interface is free of advertisements, so you can get a completely distraction-free learning environment in front of you. Install Forget-me-not on your Windows and accelerate your learning skills within minutes.

Forget-me-not offers an exceptional way to learn new concepts using the spaced repetition algorithm so you can improve your productivity.
Compatible with Microsoft Office Suite
Ability to scan and identify text in CAT Tools
Support for document import and report generation
Capacity to detect and update required fields

Efficiently manages large document translation projects.
Optimizes time and resources dedicated to projects.
Ensures comprehensive, high-quality translation jobs.

Interface can be confusing for new users.
Occasionally underestimates word count.
Limited to Microsoft Office documents.
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