FoxPro DBF fix Finder

by iLab Malta

This automatically checks all of your database files to make sure they're valid

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: iLab Malta

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you've downloaded a significant number of DBF files and have them all in one directory but then receive errors when you try to use them, it can be really difficult to tell which specific file it is that's giving you the problems. That's where FoxPro DBF fix Finder comes into play! It automates the entire process of checking DBF files for errors and can even resolve them for you.

It's a super simple program to use. Once you've booted it up you'll simply point it to the directory where all your DBF files are stored and let it run. Depending on how many DBF files you have stored there, it may take a few minutes for it to scan all of them. This is because it's doing a deep analysis to make sure all of your files are in good working condition. Once it's completed the scan, it will tell you how many files it's check-in total and how many of those contained errors as well as which files contained those errors.

Additionally, it gives you specific information about what those errors were and how you can go about resolving those errors. This lets you easily go in and fix those errors leaving you with a fully functional collection of database files. Having this information saves you a significant amount of time over having to check each file manually and then, even if you do notice an error having to figure out exactly what's causing it and how to resolve it.

Overall this is a great software program that's very easy to run and provides a lot of great information for the user. It will come in very handy for anyone who handles a lot of database files or even someone who doesn't handle a significant number of database files but just needs some additional guidance on how to resolve any issues.

Saves you time by not having to manually go through your files
Do you have corrupt or damaged files? Did your report for tomorrow's meeting just disappear? Well the FoxPro DBF fix Finder can make those headaches go away! With this new software, your DBF files will be scanned and identified as corrupt or not; saving you the trouble of going through thousands of files yourself. Not only does it work for you, but it's also easy to install and free! Give it a try!
Andrew Balliet
FoxPro DBF Fix Finder is a powerful database repair tool designed to help users quickly and easily repair corrupt or damaged FoxPro DBF databases. The software enables users to scan for and recover lost and damaged database components, including tables, fields, indexes, relationships and primary key constraints. Additionally, the software can be used to repair FoxPro DBF databases that have become corrupted due to virus, system crash, or user error.
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A tool which is very effective for the viewing of the Sqlite database files in a windows.