Free Language Translator and File Converter

by Decebal Mihailescu

A language translator tool that has a wide range of features

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Decebal Mihailescu

Release: Free Language Translator and File Converter 3.8

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The free language translator is a piece of software that is very sophisticated in translating titles, subtitles, and other document formats from a source language into another language.  The tool is free of cost and has the format of an App. This makes the integration of this App with browsers easy and convenient, which separates it from the competition. The use of the App has been designed to be as easy as possible for the average user. 

All of the users have to do is upload a document, which can be one of several highly popular formats.  Some of the formats that can be used include PDF and SRT files, which are widely used in all types of industries that require language translation.  On the other hand, if you do not have a file saved into a particular format, or if you happen to have a format that is not supported, there are other options to get the text you need to be translated.  One of the easiest methods that this App allows you to do is to actually paste the text that you need for translation into a text box.  After having the text input from either an imported file or the pasted text, one can then select the source language as well as the desired language to which the text will be translated. 

The text is then quickly translated with very high accuracy.  The program allows you to translate any text into some of the world's most used and common languages. These languages include English, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, and Japanese.  One key feature to point out is that you can translate between any of these languages, meaning that the input text of the file does not have to be in English for it to work. This is a great feature that allows people from all over the world to be able to use the software efficiently. 

Provides easy to use translating service with great accuracy

  • Translate between many of the world's most used languages
  • Input common document formats such as PDF
  • The fast and accurate translation which reduces time spent on the user
  • Easy to use with user-friendly menus which are intuitive
  • Copy and paste feature for those with unsupported document formats
  • Supported by most versions of Windows in the last two decades
  • App format allows easy combination with other software packages such as browsers. 
  • can be used alongside to easily and quickly translate Subtitles in documents. 
I play a game with others where half of our group doesn't speak English. But we need to be able to use subtitles on our games that we have recorded together. The free language translator is great because it translates from Russian to English. It also translates from English to Russian. I'm sure that it can translate into other languages as well. Its also really easy to use and it translates most of everything with no problem. Biggest plus is that it is free!!
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