by Daniel Polansky

FreeMind is a free mind mapping application written in Java

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Daniel Polansky

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FreeMind is a tool for creating "mental maps", an intuitive editor for tree-like data models. "Mental maps created with FreeMind illustrate not the connections within a single object, but the framework of a whole concept. Such "maps" appear most often as a result of brainstorming in the work of companies and individual teams that work together on a single project. Such a "mental map" can be exported as a graph or data tree (for example, in an XHTML document) or even as a web page.

When creating a document in FreeMind, it can be linked to similar mental maps, web pages and other external files. The program allows you to easily update the entire project structure in memory, search for information on individual branches, import and export lists. Literally every "node" in the "mental maps" can be maximally expanded and adjusted, reflecting the concept of the project.


- document nodes contain fully functional HTML links, whether they are WWW links or links to local files;

- Freemind supports folders from the earliest versions;

- Quick one-click navigation, including one-click lists and branches, drag and drop, and scrolling;

- the possibility of cancelling the operation;

- Copy nodes and their styles, drag and drop multiple favorite nodes, and link to external files;

- intelligently copy links, including links from HTML or paste lists of favorite files;

- intelligent copying and pasting of plain text RTF (MS Wordpad, MS Word, MS Outlook messages);

- Export maps to HTML;

- search of objects, found elements are displayed one by one, expanding the map only for the current element;

- the ability to use and edit multi-line nodes;

- Possibility of marking nodes with icons, colors, different fonts.


- The freemind is intended to be used alone, although other team members can work on the same card if they get access that is disabled by default;

- In rare cases, HTML links in a web browser do not work;

- Limited possibilities of graphic design of own ideas.

freemind is used to create mental maps which is easily export html files. another important thing is freemind is used as a editor for data models which is very easy and time saving editor. It support older version of folder and drag and drop available for user convenient. this editor is useful tool for who work with data models and web pages.
FreeMind For Windows is a best application software tool for you to short through your ideas. It allows to map your ideas by produce by making unique and creative concepts in short span. Freemind for windows captures your ideas of your project by using non linear approach to brain storming. It allows to track task, sub task and state of sub task and timing.
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