SCAD Office

by SCAD Structure

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SCAD Structure

Last revision: Last week

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SCAD Office is a package of programs for designing various structures and analyzing their strength. It consists of 17 utilities, each of which performs a certain function. For example, the module "Crystal" is focused on calculation of elements of metal structures taking into account all building norms, "Dekor" - on creation of wooden designs, "OTKOS - on the analysis of stability of slopes, and "KAMIN" - on modelling of stone products. Also worth mentioning is the Scan++ module, where all calculations and modeling operations are performed. In addition, the program provides an opportunity to use engineering and construction reference books.

The SCAD Office main screen (Scan++ module) includes 6 tabs and 6 main buttons. To create a project, the "New" option is used in the "File" tab. As soon as you create your first project, you will be asked to enter the raw data needed to calculate the schemas, nodes and individual elements. After that, a new screen will appear for modeling and managing objects. In its central part, the model window is displayed in the three-dimensional space, in the right column - the scheme projection panel, in the left - the parameters display panel, and in the top - the main operations on surface creation, design of structures and generation of trusses or frames.

SCAD Office is mainly used for complex calculations and structural strength analysis. It can be recommended to engineers, architects and those specialists who have a need to model buildings and various elements taking into account all domestic standards and requirements in the field of construction.

- Possibility to design metal, wooden, reinforced concrete and stone structures, as well as assemblies, base elements, foundations and other elements;

- full compliance with all domestic building standards;

- the possibility of analyzing the stability and strength of the structures created;

- availability of reference literature.

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