by Freenet Project Inc.

The perfect way to ensure privacy within online communication -- and it's free

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Freenet Project Inc.

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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FreeNet is a program that allows you to share files anonymously, via a print-network, to publish and receive lists of "freesites", sites accessible only to FreeNet users, and to communicate in forums, completely anonymously and securely. The application is completely decentralized, which makes it less vulnerable to various attacks, to ensure better security, FreeNet has a "darknet" mode, which allows users to connect to a PC only from a pre-defined list of friends, within the FreeNet network. All messages sent over the FreeNet network are fully encrypted and go through a variety of paths, so it is almost impossible to find out which user downloaded the files and what content they contain.

On the FreeNet network, users share files with other users on the network using the program of the same name, providing a part of their hard disk as a place to store files. All data is fully encrypted, so a single user cannot establish what is stored in his content database. In general, the program is perfect for sharing a wide variety of files with other users, moreover, FreeNet has a built-in chat and forum with a fairly large and active community.

Freenet allows users to share files anonymously, via a print-network, to publish and receive lists of "freesites", sites accessible only to FreeNe. It is quite exclusive and provides confidentiality if needed.
Freenet is a software for Windows that can be downloaded for free. Communications through Freenet are encrypted, making it very difficult to exppose the sender of the information. Freenet has been downloaded over two million times, and that shows it's sheer popularity overall. It has also developed more recently a system most do not have, the darknet which seems to be a hot topic and very innovative as far as today goes. So what asre you waiting for, download for free now.
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