by e-conomic

An easy file sharing program that allows fast sharing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: e-conomic

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

Report misleading is a program that lets you share files more easily with other PCs using just your browser. It's a fast and easy way to bypass using things like thumb drives or spare hard drives. This service also does not require an account, which helps further the ease of use, even more, allowing this program to operate for anyone and everyone that knows how to use a browser. File sharing programs and websites of the past were always plagued by download and upload limits, slow speeds, annoying space limits, and much more, but with you are able to do what you want when you want. It even has features like being able to upload to people directly and download at the same time without speed limits. There's very little you can't do with a file-sharing program like this, and it's much better than all of the alternatives out there at the moment. 

A lot of other software in this field also requires you to use things like plugins, extra tools, and more but with, everything is included in the base package. This makes it much easier to do what you need to do immediately after you download the program because you aren't stuck searching around the internet for a plugin that does the specific thing you might want it to do. Odds are that feature you need is probably already included in the base package. A downside to this is that software becomes less extensible without being able to use plugins and such, but it's a necessary tradeoff for the ease of use that something like this wants to achieve. This has been a go-to for a while for me though, so I hope everyone finds use in it as I did.


Fast sharing, web app
  • Quick usage
  • Fast web-app for use in browser and on the desktop
  • Easy setup
  • No account needed
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