by Torenkey

This can download files from multiple networks simultaneously to boost your speed

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Torenkey

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Torenkey is a great program that lets you download files using two different networks at the same time! It's a combination of both the torrent network and emule network.

Each network has its own advantages and by putting them together in one program you'll be able to get the best of both in one friendly user interface! You can add either a torrent link or emule link and the program will find its equivalent on the other network. Once you start the download the program will see which network will work best for the file and download it from there. It can mix and match as well. If one fragment is missing from one network it will attempt to download that fragment from the other network.

The way Torenkey is able to smartly adapt to what's available at all times should greatly increase your download speeds allowing you more time to use the downloaded program rather than watching it slowly download. Upon completion of the download, Torenkey will run a check to make sure that it's downloaded successfully and there were no corruptions. If it finds any errors it will redownload as necessary.

Torenkey allows you to select which network you prefer and it will try to favor that network. You can throttle the speed if that's necessary for any reason and you can select the download directory. You can even set it up so different files save to different locations. You can also search for new links within Torenkey itself so you don't have to spend additional time importing your links.

Overall Torenkey is a great program that helps you utilize your time as efficiently as possible in order to get your files saved accurately while downloading from as many unique sources as possible. It's great to look into if you're interested in downloading a number of large files.

Torenkey lets you download both torrent and emule files at once
It is very interesting software which has the most capable programs like P2P to use the networks. They have the same programs which are very safe and secured for all the programming languages like emule and bittorrent. It is a single interface and the most important common thing is that they are used to share the files to the most important functions.
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