A GIF creation software packed with loads of editing tools to create your own GIFs from scratch

Operating system: Windows

Release: GifCam 2.0

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.91098

GifCam is GIF creation software packed with loads of editing tools to create your own GIFs from scratch. This software is free, easy to download and easy to use.


  • GifCam uses greenscreen technology to delete excess frame data and reduce the size of individual files. This makes it easier to share and more accessible for everyone!
  • GifCam minimizes file sizes by eliminating duplicate frames by adding frame holds and cutting back on data. 
  • GifCam allows users to control every element of the GIF including the ability to manage individual frames to taste. 
  • GifCam gives you the ability to save in a multitude of formats allowing for different file sizes. 
  • GifCam also functions as a screen recorder in some instances and allows users to create live drawings in Microsoft Paint or animated messages with programs like notepad.
  • GifCam has a text function which allows users to quickly add text to frames (or the whole file) and can easily be customized (with size, effects, and location).
  • GifCam offers users up to 3 different frame rates to effect GIF smoothness (10 FPS, 16 FPS, and 33 FPS).
  • Gifcam allows users to edit and control frame delay at their leisure.
  • Gicam has an option to capture in full screen as opposed to the standard screen capture area. 
  • GifCam allows users to resize frames by percentage in order to avoid image distortion. 
  • GifCam allows users to reverse frames for a yo-yo effect!
  • GifCam allows users to draw on frames, or even the whole GIF, in a similar manner to Snapchat. 
  • GifCam is able to export files in multiple formats depending on the user's requirements. 
  • GifCam offers users the ability to customize colors with a snap grid that manages the work for you across the entire color pallet of a frame. 
  • GifCam allows users to crop!

Ultimately GifCam is a simple, yet powerful, tool which enables users to easily fulfill their creative requirements and design GIFs that catch and the eye and are able to set the internet ablaze!

The editing tools allow for customization to taste. This results in the perfect gif!

GifCam 2.0 (0.65 MB)
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