by Weizhi Nai

A small, open-source screen annotation programme with a useful snapshot capturing feature that may be customised to your needs

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Weizhi Nai

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The program is delivered to the system tray when it has been launched. To begin painting on your screen, all you have to do is click the app's tray icon or press the hotkey, which may be adjusted. You get access to a total of five pens from gInk, along with an eraser. If you want to reach the desktop while sketching, you may engage in a click-through mode, and you can also reverse any errors.

From the user-friendly Options panel, you can change the color, width, and transparency of each pen. Additionally, you have a choice as to which tools or buttons appear in the user interface. For instance, you may choose to conceal the buttons for the cursor, eraser, photo, and undo. Whenever you choose, you may use the integrated capture tool to save your drawings. The default output path may always be altered, and you can save a specific region of the desktop as a JPG file.

Numerous elements of gInk are done well, and its user interface stands out in particular. It is a fantastic tool for folks who need to highlight different objects or draw on their desktop, and it is also incredibly inconspicuous. The interface of gInk is designed to be as straightforward as possible without detracting from the display. Instead of adjusting the color, transparency, and tip width settings for each note you produce as other comparable software does, you are given a choice of pens to draw with. These qualities are included in each pen, which you may customize to meet your demands.gInk may assist with enhancing presentations and demonstrations as well as working on quick ideas that need to be noted next to anything on your screen.

Today's review focuses on gInk, which is among the better solutions available. It has a simple user interface, doesn't need to be installed, and has a good selection of functions.

  • Small and simple UI.
  • Compatible with a touch screen, mouse, and stylus with an eraser.
  • Through-clicking mode.
  • Support for multiple monitors.
  • Assistance for pen pressure.
  • support for snapshots
  • Hotkey assistance.
gInk is a great new tool that allows you to take website or image and use a text or drawing tool to comment and mark up on the image. This comes especially in handy when you have a map and are trying to give very specific directions where as the map may give something more generalized. I could definitely use something like this for work as my office is located inside of a church building on a large campus. There are not any posted campus maps, so this would give me the opportunity to draw the location of our separate entrances.
Kai Racinowski
GInk is a software tool designed to help businesses better understand their customers, create better products and services, and improve customer engagement. It uses data-driven insights to provide businesses with actionable recommendations for customer experience optimization. The software enables businesses to track customer behavior, identify customer trends, and analyze customer feedback to understand how customers interact with their products and services. Additionally, GInk provides businesses with customer segmentation tools, which can help them target their marketing and product development efforts.
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