Hex Workshop

by BreakPoint Software

App use on windows to combine binary editing and easy to visualize chat

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BreakPoint Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Hex Workshop is a program for editing files in hexadecimal format. This application combines the functions of a Hex editor and data interpreter with the ease and flexibility of modern text editors. With Hex Workshop you can modify, copy, paste and delete binary data, use smart bookmarks, view code structure, quickly find code fragments, search and replace data, use arithmetic and logical operations, compare binary files, generate checksums, and export data to RTF and HTML formats. The program is able to convert data between hexadecimal, decimal and binary representation systems, supports the use of conditions and variables, and can import and export code blocks. The Hex Workshop interface is almost fully customizable - you can control the appearance of the main editor window, the color representation of the data and specify where and what data should be displayed. Hex Workshop panels can be integrated into the main program window or displayed in a "floating" form.

- editing files in hexadecimal format;

- conversion between hexadecimal, decimal and binary representation systems;

- comparing binary files;

- wide range of options for setting up the interface;

- support for arithmetic and logical operations, variables, cycles and conditions.

The large descriptive paragraph is a little over-whelming. I would find it more appealing to have a short summary and then bullet points on what you can do with the software. The description itself seems good and with lots of information about what is available in the software.
it appears to be another nice simple website similar to the other softradar one that I viewed. The download link is in an easy to find spot, and it is also very easy to find the contact section at the bottom of the page. It is very simple and clean without silly advertisements. Nicely done.
Benjamin Saponaro
Hex Workshop is a powerful hexadecimal editor, data analysis, and data visualization tool designed to help users analyze, edit, and manipulate binary data. It contains a variety of features to help with debugging, reverse engineering, software patching, and data visualization. Hex Workshop also includes a flexible scripting language, support for multiple data types, and powerful search and replace capabilities.
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