HxD Hex Editor

by Maël Hörz

Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Maël Hörz

Release: HxD Hex Editor 2.2.1

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9714

HxD Hex Editor for Windows opens and edits large files (4Gib or larger). It can also calculate various checksums, compare files, and/or shred files. It is available in many languages as a freeware. 


  • Files up to 8 EiB can be uploaded and edited. Regardless of the size, HxD Hex Editor for Windows opens files of any size instantly without hassle. 
  • Basic statistical data analysis is included. With HxD Hex Editor graphical displays of character distribution are available within the statistical view, helping to identify data selection types. 
  • This is a disk and memory editor for Windows 9x/NT and up. It includes raw reading and writing of disks and drives. 
  • Data is able to be exported in several formats that include source code, formatted output, and Hex files. 

HxD Hex Editor for Windows is essential for the efficiency and quality of a file. It's superspeed capabilities allow for easy access to any file, especially larger files. It's functions include highlighted modifications, unlimited undos, the "find-updates" functions, printing with cut/copy/paste/insert capabilities. This program is designed for lengthy tasks, that would otherwise cause a headache using a different program. HxD Hex Editor for Windows promises to be a safe file sharing program. It also comes with easy to follow instructions on how to download and use Windows, making for a hassle-free time. In comparison to other Windows editors, HxD Hex proves to be at the top of the competition, supporting all endeavors.  The use of the program is allowed and free on downloadable portals and for private use, proving its capabilities. The makers of the program insist that you are able to complete any task used HxD Hex Editor for Windows easily and without stress.n order to ensure your company as the highest quality software, I would insist on downloading HxD Hex today. 

This software focuses on large files 4GiB or larger.

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