HissenIT Masterdata

by Hissen IT

Smart data management software to organize your electronic/non-electronic contacts

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hissen IT

Release: HissenIT Masterdata 1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Have a large list of contacts to organize? We've all had that problem before. HissenIT Masterdata is a freeware software package for Windows users who need to manage a long list of electronic and non-electronic contacts. The latest version of HissenIT Masterdata was released in 2020, and most up-to-date information and discussions can be found in the HissenIT forum. HissenIT also maintains a support network where users can reach out to experts for advice.

The software viewport consists of several tabs and options.  The tabs allow the users to go from one view to another. For instance, you can select a "total view" to display the aggregate of contact data, including people's names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Clicking "table management" invokes a new display where users can manage the structure of the data. Users can add, edit, and delete the data with a simple graphical interface (e.g., "+" button for adding, the stylo button for editing, and "X" for deleting). Besides, several different buttons on the main display allow for filtering and sorting of the data. 

Another impressive feature is that users can reference files containing contact information. This lets users manage different files simultaneously. You can also import and export the data to and from various formats such as Microsoft Word, Microsft excel, and others. You can manage different types of files across multiple platforms within the HissenIT Masterdata framework. If you are self-employed, a manager at a medium-sized company, or an individual looking to organize contact information better, you may find HissenIT Masterdata to your liking.   

The software allows for efficient management of contact information for Windows users

  • It allows users to create a database of contact information manually.
  • It allows users to edit, delete, sort, and filter the data with a simple graphical user interface. 
  • Allows users to structure of the database efficiently
  • It allows users to import different types of files.
  • It allows users to manage various types of data simultaneously.

The release note says this software package may only run on Windows

If you're looking for a way to manage your data in a way that's seamless, then check out HissenIT Masterdata for Windows. This program has the ability to store a full range of addresses and other contact information correlated with companies or customers. You can also pull up any file, folder or document with a simple reference to the existing data record within the program.
Data management can be a pain for you to grasp and fix when you have too much stuff buried about on your computer. HissenIT Masterdata is the program aimed to help you keep tabs of all of your data in one easy to use program that's also free! It keeps all of your Photos, spreadsheets, word documents, and folders in one convenient place within the program so give it a download today!
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