HP Hotkey Support

A utility program that lets the user program custom key bindings

Operating system: Windows

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HP Hotkey Support is a utility program developed by Hewlett Packard that allows users to modify their keyboard shortcuts on their HP laptop computers. The program is very straight forward and simple to use and there isn't any learning curve. One the user has the software installed they can start changing their keyboard shortcuts right away.


  • Create, manage, and edit custom key binds
  • Disable active keybinds
  • Search custom keybinds you've made
  • Free to use

HP Hotkey Support was created to address a number of problems HP laptop owners had with other applications. Hewlett Packard is known for having software conflicts and it often causes customer approval to fall. These software conflicts had to do with the inability to have access to special functions that these programs have. In some cases, these special functions would impose themselves over other programs causing a conflict. For example, if you had a specific HP program installed and a game, chances are one of the key bindings of the game would double as a key bind for the program. This would cause the game to minimize, close or flat out crash, ruining the gaming experience for the user. HP Hotkey Support allows users to have complete control over each and every hotkey that all programs you have installed use. The average user will most likely end up disabling a ton of hotkeys rather than setting them up. In addition to that, and all issues caused by hotkey problems can be searched and fixed using the program. Long gone are the days of searching the internet for an issue that others may or may not have had in the first place. HP Hotkey Support has been a major highlight of HP customers since it was introduced by the company and currently has a 5-star rating among users.

Task multiple functions to a set number of key binds in less than a minute.
HP HotKey Support is a software program that gives you the assistance that you need to manage your hotkeys on HP computers. Hotkeys are essential if you need immediate access to command on your keyboard. The program sets a controller service in the background that will run on its own. It also works on the Internet. Overall, I highly recommend this if you need an efficient way to call a keyboard command.
On hp devices like pc especially laptops which is having less keys HP hotkey helps assign different input for same keys if we install it some keys can be used to give different inputs on your pc it is highly recommended for those who uses HP laptop
HP Hotkey Support for Windows is a Hewlett Packard application that gives you a hand when something with your keyboard is not working properly
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