HP ProtectTools

A security application for managing HP desktop and laptop

Operating system: Windows

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This is a security application for managing HP desktop and laptop supported devices alongside a new protective layer comprising a suite of programs.

HP Protects Tools Security providers an interface where another security deliverable can be plugged in, enabling them to manage security features offered by HP.


Its the world best security providers
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Full volume encryption
  • Single sign options
  • Secure file deletion
  • encrypted email
  • Computrace and LoJack Pro software
  • remembering all passwords

HP Protecttools provides HP computer owners with a software package to help them quickly and easily manage all your business' desktops and laptops from a single, central point.

The modular design presents in HP ProtectTools allows you to customize it just way you want, thus covering all of your needs regarding protection of your data, networks as well as communications. This comes in very handy for times when users forget their account credentials or the computer is the subject of a theft.

With HP ProtectTools, you get multiple levels of pre-boot security and multi-factor authentication, full volume encryption, secure file deletion and limited access to peripherals, single-sign-on options, encrypted email as well as the computrace and LoJck Pro software that work with local law enforcement to help recover lost or stolen notebooks.

This particular piece of software also delivers an intuitive wizard that you can use in order to rapidly and effortlessly set it up. Moreover, the HP ProtectTools supplies you with all kinds of technologies to keep your computer fleet in check at any given moment in time.

The HP SpareKey can prove to be just the thing you need whenever you have trouble remembering your password by adding another layer of credential recovery to the BIOS. In this case, you may not have to resort to the IT administrator. Furthermore, your emails and chats can now be encrypted by the Privacy Manager for further protection To sum it all up, HP ProtectTools is a pretty nifty software collection that can really make the difference if correctly utilized. 

The fact that it can help you in so many ways and that it can also save you when in specific distress situations must be enough for everyone carry for their computer to take it for a spin and see whether it makes a difference lot.

HP ProtectTools is a really useful software to have if you need to securely run a business. The program makes sure that your computer is accessed only by those you want it to be accessed by. It also manages the configuration of your computer, in addition to various Smart Card operations. The program is unobtrusive since it runs "behind the scenes" in the background while your system is working.
HP Protect tools for windows can be a helpful tool to help manage multiple security features offered by HP. However, there are issues with it when updating to Windows 10 which makes it slightly difficult to workaround. It works well with Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista. If you have windows 10 I would not recommend this.
Technology is great. It allows us to store, access and share data, lots and lots of it. But there’s a downside. Sometimes unauthorized users access and utilize this data too. That’s why trusted security applications and tools are a must. Hewlett Packard is a trusted and reputable name in the industry. Packard’s uber-useful, HP Protect Tools come with a veritable boatload of high-tech security features. Encrypt access to your drives. Select site and application-specific passwords. Create an encrypted password database. Use facial recognition to block easy access to a sensitive site. Or, designate a fingertip-verified mode of entry to foil unwanted users. Even reboot your security credentials, should circumstances make it needful, from an approved-by-you central venue. The list goes on. The tools are user-friendly. Make space on your device for this feature today.
HP ProtectTools for Windows helps computer administrators address several critical security objectives, including protecting confidential data, allowing only authorized users to access data, preventing theft of private information on corporate networks, and enforcing strong password policies and related security mandates. HP ProtectTools for Windows provides several software modules to manage security credentials, remotely encrypt hard drives, backup hard drives, install biometric security, restore hard drives, authenticate users with Java Card Security, sanitize files, manage privacy, and remotely configure BIOS settings without rebooting. HP ProtectTools for Windows provides several key tools to keep your critical data secure for both corporate security professionals at the enterprise-level and the individual at home.
HP ProtectTools for Windows software is able to keep and all of my files and all of my confidential information, like credit card numbers and social security numbers and banking information, completely safe from any outside, unauthorized access. It also protects any smart card information I have by encrypting it so no one unauthorized can access it.
HP ProtectTools software is easy to use in Microsoft windows for the security operations. This will help yo to identify the unauthorized files entering windows. Manages security systems in an easy manner. The operating systems which we can use this software are windows, windows2000 windows XP, Windows Vista. It enables the security deliverables so the can perform the security actions . This software helps us to identify the software's which needs an update . Updating the software's related notifications are provided up to date with the help of HP protect tools. Software update notifications only provided . Hardware updating notifications are yet to be provided.
HP ProtectTools is an interface that gives you more control over your system's security. Offered on Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista, it is just a manager program. It does not seem to offer the actual tools which can be added later. This is the original interface that allows you to manage said tools. Reviews commonly reflect That customers were not aware of this beforehand, although most reviews date back to 2012.
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