by Pablo d'Angelo

Hugin is a panorama stitcher and more! Open Source software, free to use, modify and share

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pablo d'Angelo

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Hugin is a program for creating panoramic images from photos. In fact, it is a free, open analogue of the PTGui utility, which is also based on the Panorama Tools engine.

You can create panoramas both automatically and manually. There are three modes of operation for this: simple, advanced and expert. The first one is ideal for beginners: minimal complex settings and everything is automated. The Panorama Wizard will guide you step by step through all the stages of creating a panoramic image, from adding photos to selecting the final format. Advanced mode is a cross between automatic and manual settings: here the program can perform basic operations by itself, but if you need to turn the controls or manually specify control points, you can take over the control. In the Expert Advisor mode, all settings are available to the user, as well as the possibility to set all values manually without using graphical hints.

Hugin can determine which lens the original images were taken from, based on EXIF data, and make geometric corrections based on this. If the photos are uneven due to handheld shooting, the program automatically smoothes them out. There is also a vignetting correction and exposure smoothing to ensure that the brightness of the end result is evenly distributed. Among other things, you can choose from 22 available projections (cylindrical, equidistant, three-planar and others), the possibility of changing the position of the panorama on a plane or sphere (depending on the projection), cropping and saving wizard in which you can choose the format and size. Besides, you can use masks and many other tools in the advanced mode.

- creation of panoramic images in different projections;

- the possibility of creating multi-row gigapixel panoramas;

- three modes of operation: simple, advanced and expert;

- a step-by-step master panorama in a simple mode;

- automatic setting of control points with possibility of manual adjustment;

- correction of perspective, color, vignetting and exposure;

- Detection of moving objects, removal of "ghosts";

- high speed of operation;

- the ability to use masks;

- Automatic use of camera data from EXIF;

- the possibility of batch processing of images;

- Russified interface;

- the ability to use the program free of charge (GPL v2 license).

what a fantastic app. as i using well as being fallen in love with this app. a wonderful interface, soo smooth working, tolls are superb, windows friendly app. I experienced it first time. Just if five minutes from downloading, I had my 2-image panorama done. There is no complication merged beautifully, image blended. It seems that this application can do a lot, Congratulations and many thanks to the developers for such an excellent application.
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