HW Virtual Serial Port

by HW group

Software tool adding a virtual COM port

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: HW group

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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HW VSP will add a virtual serial port (COM5) to the system and will redirect alldata through TCP/IP to a remote IP address.HW VSP is free in unlimited version, it supports Windows 2000 and XP and works with any TCP/IP device, it can work as a TCP server as well as a TCP Client.HW VSP supports remote RS232 port control (speed, parity, stop bits,etc.) over the RFC2217 (NVT). More virtual COMs can be createdwhen launched with parameters.

Flash back to the 80's using this application to add a virtual com port to your computer. This can be used for a great many things e.g. emulating comms serial software to just looking goddam retro cool :) TCP, RS232 and more - go on... you know you want to!
free and unlimited version. very useful application. i love it!
flash back 80's to using this application to add a virtual com port to your computer. this can be used for a great many things.
Isaac Z********j
HW Virtual Serial Port is a software application that allows users to create virtual serial ports in their computer systems. It enables users to establish communication between their PC and any device that supports serial ports, such as industrial devices, scientific instruments, and other embedded systems. The software is designed for high-speed data transmission and can handle large amounts of data. It is compatible with many operating systems, including Windows and Linux.
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