by MarySoft

A software designed to transform one's PC into a WiFi hotspot

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MarySoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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MaryFi is a free and easy to use wireless router for Windows 7. With Maryfi you will be able to give out Internet access from your computer - whether you use a cable modem, cell phone or Wi-Fi to access the global network. Other Wi-Fi devices (smartphones, laptops, players, etc.) will see your hot spot and will be able to connect to it like any other Wi-Fi hotspot. The data exchange takes place using secure WPA2 technology and is password protected. Maryfi will also allow you to "expand" the folders on your computer for network users. When distributing the Internet over Wi-Fi, you can allow or disallow the use of certain network protocols (FTP, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, HTTPS, etc.). During operation, the program is minimized to the system tray.

- Internet access via wireless networks;

- to scramble the folders over Wi-Fi;

- Secure data exchange via WPA2 technology.

Maryfi would seem to be an extremely useful tool turning a PC into a wireless hotspot. The concept seem very simple, but there is no real description of how the user would complete installation. Is it a simple download and running of an executable? Will this be easy for a novice user?
Maryfi for windows is a piece of software that lets you create a mobile hot spot on your PC. It is free to download and uses your computer’s own hardware to create a hotspot for mobile devices without an internet connection.
MaryFi is an application that will let you take your PC to the next level, allowing it to serve as a WiFi hotspot that other devices can link onto for an Internet connection. Its user interface is so clean and simple, and it also gives you a lot of flexibility to control your network. You can even check out which resources are shared on the computers that are linked to your network.
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