Mobile device management software that transfers files and data between iOS devices

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DigiDNA SARL

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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iMazing is a great replacement for the "proprietary" solution for managing iOS-based devices - iTunes. Not only does this program provide a little more "freedom" to the user, it is also much more intuitive. All the content contained on your portable device is conveniently categorized and easily switched between from the side menu. Connection of iPad, iPhone and iPad is detected automatically, but the user only needs to confirm that he or she "trusts" the computer by clicking the corresponding item in the pop-up window on the portable device.

In addition to viewing and copying photos, working with the music library and performing basic operations with installed applications, iMazing also provides access to the file system. Since iOS is a closed operating system, it will not be possible to make any changes in it, but you can clearly see how everything is arranged and what is "lying" there. You can also back up your personal information such as contacts, message notes, and so on.

The design of the program is very similar to that of iTunes, but the structure of the interface itself is very different from the "proprietary" solution. iMazing allows you to perform data operations by dragging and dropping, and also supports hotkey setup. Unfortunately, it is distributed for a fee, but you can try the program for two weeks without any restrictions on functionality before buying it.

- allows you to comfortably manage your files, applications and music library;

- can create backups of user data;

- supports almost all models of "apple" devices and iOS versions;

- displays the most important device information on the home screen;

- installs all the drivers you need on your own.

So, you're trying to transfer files to your phone, but you don't know the first thing about what to do! What if I do it wrong? What if my files get corrupted? What if I miss something? Worry no further. iMazing for Windows can safely transfer your files from your computer (whether it's a Mac or a PC) to your iOS phones and tablets. And from your phone to your computer as well! So archive all those important messages! Keep all your beloved music and photos! If you have an iOS device and a computer, you can use iMazing today and transfer your files with confidence! Trust me, you'll be glad you did.
wow what an application to manager your iPhone in windows, everyone not affordable to use IMac, for the persons its specially created Imazing software to make use of it worthily, basically we can do all the things like managing, calls, text thru windows which connected to the iPhone every time , if you are a iPhone and windows user you can download it from the web immediately and make use of it, kindly download the original version to use the all features.
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