In My Diary

by Kevin Edwards

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Kevin Edwards

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.43625

In My Diary - a simple program that allows you to keep an electronic diary, or just write down various notes. The application also allows you to create a list of tasks for each day and informs about the tasks planned for the current day. The application contains a lot of other useful functions, such as setting up the repetition of tasks recorded in the diary, every week or on a certain date of the month, after a certain number of days. If necessary, you can include a reminder of a particular task several days in advance, if it is really important. Each task should be accompanied by a brief description. In addition, the program has a calendar where you can mark important dates and address book.

The user interface is simple and convenient. The main window looks like an interactive agenda, with which you can interact in various ways - flip through, record, view and edit notes, quickly move to the desired date, and so on.

- you can enable notifications of upcoming tasks;

- Record all sorts of important dates and events, which will also be remembered;

- Availability of all necessary tools for keeping a diary;

- you can create a weekly schedule of tasks with automatic repetition;

- it is possible to set periodic reminders of specific tasks.

Charlie (unverified)
I think this product would be very useful to people, as everyone needs to keep notes but writing pen and paper is outdated, and keeping things in one place can be hard at times.
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