by Taro Software Inc

A comprehensive solution for monitoring critical applications and infrastructure in businesses.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Taro Software Inc

Release : IsItUp 8.42

Antivirus check: passed

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IsItUp is a network monitoring software that assists businesses of all sizes in overseeing their critical applications and infrastructures. It offers a variety of monitoring types to cater to the specific needs of businesses. With IsItUp software, continuous monitoring and instant alerts are guaranteed, thus optimizing the management of the network infrastructure.


  • Ping Monitor: This feature checks whether the IP device is online and responsive.
  • Web Site Monitor: This function ensures that the website is accessible and responding correctly.
  • Tcp/Ip Port Monitor: It monitors the accessibility and availability of specific ports.
  • Windows Service Monitor: This feature oversees the status of Windows services and can also restart a failing Windows service.
  • Free Disk Space Monitor: This function monitors the available disk space and alerts you when space is dwindling.
  • Email System Monitor: It ensures the smooth operation of the email systems, preventing service interruptions.

IsItUp continuously monitors multiple IP devices, websites, email systems, Windows services, and free disk space. In case of a detected issue, the software alerts you via pager, email, or by running a user-defined program. The Web Site Monitor feature provides advanced functions such as checking the checksum of pages for protection against content modifications and website content controls.

IsItUp provides real-time network monitoring with immediate alerts, minimizing downtime and optimizing business operations.

Thanks to its ease of use and multiple features, IsItUp is an indispensable tool for any business wishing to optimize the management of its network infrastructure. It provides peace of mind by ensuring continuous monitoring and immediate alerts in case of issues, allowing IT teams to respond quickly and minimize downtime.

Windows Operating System
Network access for monitoring IP devices and websites
Sufficient disk space for installation and data storage
Email system for alert notifications

Offers continuous monitoring and immediate alerts.
Has a variety of monitoring types.
Ease of use with multiple features.

Limited customization options could hinder specific monitoring needs.
The user interface may seem outdated and unfriendly.
Does not support mobile application monitoring.
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