by The jEdit Team

Virtual machine as editor for windows processor

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: The jEdit Team

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Last revision: Last week

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jEdit is a powerful text editor for programmers, written in Java. It has open source code and full syntax support for multiple programming languages and markup.

The graphical interface of the jEdit editor is based on Swing toolkit, which supports a powerful architecture, with support for a variety of plugins that users can connect at will. The editor has wide enough possibilities and can be easily configured to solve any, even the most complicated tasks. The application supports the syntax of various programming languages - C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, HTML, Pascal, JavaScript and others.

Jedit is a text edit software product.This software comes in handy for people that have to type research papers, such as college students.This software is written in Java which is a well known general-purpose programming language. Jedit receives an A+ from me I see no flaws!
Alfie V********q
jEdit is a free and open source text editor for programmers and other users who need to edit plain text files. It has a large number of powerful features including syntax highlighting, code folding, code completion, macro recording, and more. It is written in Java and runs on any operating system that supports Java.
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