Jitbit Macro Recorder

by Jitbit Software

A macros program using your mouse and keyboard as a recorder

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jitbit Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Jitbit Macro Recorder is a powerful user-friendly macros recorder option for Windows that uses the computer's mouse and keyboard to create customizable macros enabling the user to automate many repetitive daily tasks. Jitbit is a software that enables the user to take full control of their macro with the exciting built-in features. 


  • Customize command features using Jitbit's Automation Software
  • User-friendly with a get you started video
  • Optimized EXE-file conversion that can be shared 
  • Mouse and keyboard customizable hotkey designation
  • Able to detect changes within Windows
  • Fully editable 
  • Adjust playback to meet your personal needs
  • A debug feature allows you to adjust as you go

Jitbit Macro Recorder for Windows is a powerful macros recorder using your mouse and keyboard to build custom options to meet your needs. Unsure if this software is for you? JitBit Macro Recorder offers a free trial period.

It is most user friendly macros recorder on the market.

The Jitbit Macro Recorder customizable feature is an exciting time-saving feature that allows users to either save their routine to a macro or create a custom one linked to hotkeys.

Unparalleled software support makes this arguably one of the best Macro Recorder options on the market.  Jitbit Macro Recorder for Windows is offered in three package deals - basic, pro, and premium.  Additionally, potential customers are offered a free trial that can be extended if needed.

Daniela Beltz
Jitbit Macro Recorder allows the user to use their mouse and keyboard to quickly create custom macros. This will allow Windows users to automate repetitive tasks and save valuable time. The software comes with a tutorial video and is very user friendly.
The Jitbit macro Recorder might be of the best macro recording software I've used. This macro recorder allows you to convert your macro scripts into EXE files allowing me to send files to workmates to automate incredibly long and tedious tasks. Another great point over other macro software is how great the record macro function is inside of the software.
This software enables you to go beyond screen and mouse recording and enhance your experience by inserting custom commands. The software also uses top of the line automation software in order to convert macros into exe. files. This software isn't just for gamers but for anyone who wants to find forms of passive income via online teaching.
Jitbit macro recorder is used to find images on a screen and to detect the changes in the position of windows. it includes windows-shell integration and scheduling.
This is a good application for people who run macros. This is a procedure done in Microsoft excel a lot and it is also a great tool for people who want to run EXE files on a daily basis. Overall this is a useful tool to have handy if you are really into computers. This is an application that is only meant for people with windows and it is a great tool for people who are good with Microsoft suite applications. This is a simple keyboard and mouse recorder that is easy to use
After checking Jitbit Macro Recorder for Windows I have learnt this is the best Macro Program for Windows, not only for it's price but because it is much more than just mouse and keyboard recorder, this is a very good tool regarding automation, it converts Macros to EXES and much more. Highly recommended
This is a great program, that takes my routine tasks and automates them. It's quite simple to use, flexible yet most of all saves me a lot of time. I wish i could say something negative but everything about this program is extremely solid and built right. Everyone should have a program like this in their computer to save valuable time working on projects or just to search to web.
A keyboard and mouse recorder for Windows with a lot of useful extra features. Comes with an easy-to-use editor and a user interface that anyone can use and learn within minutes! Smart and flexible and ease of use make this the top macro recorder on the market.
Well, it seems to be one of the best. I am surprised how cheap it is. $99 dollars is a good deal for the premium version, especially for the perks. Free upgrades within a year for all versions is nice and 6 hour guaranteed response from support and the debugging feature is worth it just for the upgrades from basic to premium. And the cool part is? 30 days moneyback if you don't like it! Its worth a try !!
The JitBit macro solves work needs. This software records clicks and keystrokes and allows you too transfer macro files into exe files. The saying goes out for this software is that, if you have many repeatable tasks then you should download this software. It is safe for windows download.
With JitBit macro recorder, the possibilities are endless. Most powerful automation tool for turning your macros into EXE’s. Easy to use, accessibility is a breeze, & incredibly powerful for all your macro needs. Personalization is evident with the ability to utilize a stealth mode, enable variable playback, macro recording & so much more! Jitbit is user-friendly & I personally will recommend it to anyone who will listen! A must have!
I'm so impressed with my experience using Jitbit Macro Recorder for Windows because it's a program that can record every click of my mouse and every movement that is on my keyboard. This kind of functionality is useful for training and teaching purposes and is also useful if you want to share your gaming moves with your fans on a livestream.
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