LG Bridge

A software used to bridge all LG devices together so they can be managed in one place

Operating system: Windows

Release: LG Bridge 1.2.52

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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LG Bridge is a powerful software used specifically for LG devices to bridge together a customer's multiple devices and share data seamlessly between USB and wireless connections. It is best used with newer LG models but also the option of PC Suite for older devices. With LG Bridge, you can even connect your mobile phone, TV, and computer together all at the same time to share videos and photos without the need for additional third-party software.


  • Easily transfer files and content between all of your LG devices
  • Little-to-no need for outside software by doing so wirelessly, untethered
  • Allows you to update your mobile device software/firmware with a USB cable and tethered connection
  • Daily backups with a simple login to AirDrive, that supports Google, E-Mail, and Facebook.
  • Ability to register LG mobile phone with GIS/GPS applications in case of theft or loss.

Lightweight and up-to-date, LG Bridge is a new software from the manufacturers of LG that allows for quick connectivity and easier file-sharing between devices like mobile phones, wearables, mobile device accessories, smart TVs and smartwatches as well. It works with the firmware LG G4 and later.

It manages content on either Mac or Windows.

The full scope of the software is that it allows you to transfer contacts, videos, images and even audio files between your PC device and your mobile phone. Editing is also another capability of the LG Bridge software, allowing you to edit your media files before they transfer to your phone.

It works best when you review your PC abilities so that it matches with the requirements of the software. LG recommends your device be Windows XP, Vista or 7 and later if it is a Windows computer and OS X 7 and higher if it is a Mac computer. A memory of 2GB Ram or more is recommended and an "LG United Mobile driver" is required for all devices.

If you have an older device you need to use PC Suite, an older software alternative for downloading and installing LG Bridge.

This software product is the best exclusively for LG users who have smartphones. The software enables one to restore, backup and update their LG phones with its interface. Its all in one functionality is very convenient for doing everything in one place, to keep your phone running smoothly and with all of the latest updates. Backup all of your files so that they do not get deleted if the device is not accessible.
LG Bridge has been an absolute lifesaver. This program gives you the ability to backup your phone, which is always great to do, in case it is ever lost or stolen then you can restore from your last backup. But you don’t need to lose your phone for it to be helpful! If you upgrade to another LG device then you can use the LG Bridge software to bring over all of your photos, data, and more!
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