Killer Sudoku

by Novel Games Limited

An enhanced Sudoku game with additional restrictions based on sum of numbers in cages.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Novel Games Limited

Release : Killer Sudoku 1.3.2

Antivirus check: passed

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Gear up to challenge your skills by mastering the Killer Sudoku software! An exciting variation of the classic numeric puzzle, where you will face a 9x9 grid, evenly divided into 9 squares. The game's challenge is to fill the empty squares of the grid with numbers from 1 to 9. Each digit must not be repeated in each row, each column, and each 3x3 square. But that's not all, this software introduces an additional complexity - cages.

Cages are groups of cells separated by red lines. For each cage, a number is provided, and the sum of the numbers within the cage should equal this given number. Harness your logical reasoning and problem-solving skills to tackle these added challenges.

  • Sum Indicator: When you hover your mouse over the given number of a cage, the possible sums are displayed to help you.
  • Numeric Pad: You can click on a number on the numeric pad to the left of the grid to fill it in an empty cell.
  • Erase Option: You can remove a previously entered number by clicking on the cross button at the bottom of the numeric pad.
  • Hint: If you are stuck, you can click on the "Help" button under the grid to reveal one of the answers. However, each hint will add 100 seconds to your total time spent.

This Killer Sudoku software goes beyond simple Sudoku solving, providing addictive entertainment while putting your math skills to the test. Get ready to take on the challenge of a stimulating and fun number game now!

The Killer Sudoku software significantly enhances your logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities through engaging mathematics puzzles.
OS: Windows 7 or higher, MacOS 10.6 or higher
Processor: 1GHz CPU or faster
RAM: 512MB or more
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

Offers additional complexity with the inclusion of 'cages'.
Features helpful sum indicator and numeric pad for ease of use.
Helpful hints available when stuck.

Limited undo option for erasing previously filled cells.
No multiplayer or collaborative mode.
Hint option adds time penalty, making it more challenging.
An educational software designed to support the segmentation of German words