by kaze

Uses Mozilla composer to edit html files

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: kaze

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KompoZer is a WYSIWYG editor for developing HTML documents. With the help of this program you will be able to create web pages for websites, using all the power of CSS styles. KompoZer combines the best features of such popular editors as DreamWeaver and FrontPage, while keeping the simplicity that allows even non-professionals to create professional-looking sites. The program does not require knowledge in the field of HTML markup language - all operations on designing web pages are carried out in an intuitive mode, just as documents are created in Word editor.

KompoZer is based on the Gekko engine developed by Mozilla specialists - a fast and reliable platform that meets all modern standards. KompoZer supports XML and JavaScript, allows you to upload created pages to FTP servers and quickly switch between the visual mode of page displaying and HTML code editor. You can use tables, frames and templates, define color samples, open editable pages in different tabs, and automatically clean files from unnecessary code. Websites created with KompoZer are displayed correctly in most modern web browsers. Among other things, the program allows you to set up buttons on the toolbars and check the spelling of the text.

- creation and editing of HTML documents in WYSIWYG mode;

- support for JavaScript, CSS and XML;

- tab support;

- a built-in FTP client;

- spell check.

KompoZer is an editor for HTML documents that lets even non-pros or people who don't speak HTML to produce professional and easy to edit web pages. The KompoZer editor shares some DNA with the Gekko engine, and supports Javascript and XML. Work with tables, templates, colors, and even open editable pages for a professional and quick webpage design.
KompoZer is a program to help non programmer make internet websites. It is suppose to be intuitive and no prior HTML coding experience is needed to use the editor. It is a easy and simple way to help anyone make a website other users would like to visit.
This software is very good. I really like the fact that it combines web file management and web page editing features together in one app. The size is very small, but it is a powerful app. I would recommend for other users.
KompoZer for Windows is one of the best web-editing tools out there. Not only does it allow for a function that let's you see what you are designing, but it also allows you to edit your HTML and CSS code by hand, if that's what you desire. Apart from being free and open source, it also includes a function to publish your web page, allowing one to reach all processes necessary in maintaining a website in one spot, making it the ideal tool.
KompoZer is a great software program for web developers who don't want to have to spend a lot of time programming and designing a website. It allows you to set up your website easily, enter your details and publish with ease, taking the anxiety of traditional coding out of the equation to simplify your business.
Kompozer is a free html editor which is very effective and very affordable software compared to other html editors, it helped me a lot in finding errors easily, spelling check and split screen tools are very powerful
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